WR450 Head Lights

I know this question has been asked and answered a million times but because of the 3 million hits while searching it, I think I will ask it again.

Has anyone found an inexpensive alternative for the bulb in the stocky headlight housing that won't break the bank?

Sylvania Silverlight Ultra?

Some HID setup?

If you have tried or used any of these, can you give us what you have done, how you have done it and if it was a good mod.



2006 WR450

YZ Exh Cam

Revlok D-ring

Street Legal

Shopping will get you the bulb for about six bucks.

There are some that have done H4 conversions but you can only do this if you've floated your ground and made your bike all DC. Sames goes for an HID, as they must have a stable supply of current. The stock reflector will suck with an HID buld. Infact, any reflector not made for it will suck. It will be bright but the light will be everywhere and not all where you want it. This holds true with the ?H$ conversion though with effort, you can get the filament in the right place.

I floated my ground and got a series of different lights for different conditions, all quick change. All are designed to do the single job assigned.

One thing I can think of that has helped me is to install an on-off switch. The bulbs seem to last longer cold and not fall apart as east when hot. I have had the bulb internals all melt together on mine and my friends WR's shorting out the electrical system. This has happened with high and low dollar bulbs to us. A Cyclops helmet light makes night riding with the stock system mcuh better.

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