426 Auto Decomp Cam ?

Awhile back there was talk of an aftermarket auto decomp cam for the 426. Has anyone heard of its status?

Hey Denny!

I believe that HOT CAMS was working on an after-market cam that will have gears that are identical to our older bike cam gears/chains, so that their cams are running with less of a mechanical risk that those of us who shoe-horned in the OEM '03 stuff.

(Kendra was in TC lately, and she was going to surprise you with a gift (bottle o' wine from Black Starr) on your doorstep, but she ran out of free-time, and I had previously discarded your address. You got off the hook, THIS TIME!)



Thats the cam I am after, don't want to retrofit the 450 gear in it. Have you heard on a release date? Nice chest, and when you are in Michigan please, please wear a shirt.


When the Hot Cams are avialable Im down with it too! The only problem Ive heard is that its gonna be a package deal. Meaning that you have to buy the exhaust and intake cams together.

I imagine this will be more expensive than just buying a 03 exhaust cam :)

It was Hot Cams,the question is when??????????? My 450 cam works great!For how long????????????? :)

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