stock 2010 450 can

Is the muffler on the 2010 the same as the older ones with the inverted cones and such inside?

Curious to know if this silencer can be modded out to deliver better performance?

I dicked around with my yz250 stock 2005 can, shortened it up a bit and it made a nice difference on top.

Not looking to make mine any shorter, but if there are a series of idiotic baffles inside I'd like to remove them.


Nope its back to a normal style muffler..

The length of the silencer one way or other will have very little effect on performance. In the case of the '10 model, Dave at MRD has stated that the biggest problem with it is that there is a sudden reduction in diameter at the end, which he believes is an attempt to reduce noise. The core diameter may need to be different than stock, too, but the header itself is fine.

Either way, shortening the can won't really help do anything but increase the sound output. Fixing the step at the end of the muffler probably will.

I chopped mine up, about 2 inches off the rear and spread the end of the core out and it did help the top end out a little. Not as much as a slip on or a full exhaust would do, but it helped a little.

If the end of the silencer is tapered, then I'm not even going to bother shortening it. That was never the plan anyways but if it did have baffles then I was prepared to go to work.

How did you ream out the end cap and core?

Makes you wonder if you could shorten it, or just buy a new end cap and some how flare out the core with an exhaust pipe expander tool etc.

For someone with the tools and no money and the time, this would be a good little project.

I have some experience with a device called a tube roller. It is a couple small cylinders held in a frame and they are very close to parallel, but slightly tapered. You put them in a drill and apply pressure. The rolling motion combined with the taper spreads the metal out, enlarging the hole. I have considered trying a tube roller on my muffler. The only difference I can see between the stock pipe and an aftermarket pipe is the restriction in the end cap.

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