WR lighting coil rewind?

I just read an article about stator rewinding (on a XR650R) that fixed the dimming headlight at idle issue. With the addition of the battery to the WR450, I would have hoped Yamaha would have fixed this issue. At any rate, have any of you had your WR coil rewound for increased output?

What are some good sources I could contact for more information?

I know the folks who do the dual sport kits (Baja Designs for one) do this for under $100. One thing to consider is the amount of wattage one would want. The stator is totaly enclosed, so output has a maximim before the heat will destroy itself.

I was looking at increasing the output to around 200watts so I can get an extra light on it for dune riding and I want to keep the light from dimming at lower RPM.

Does anyone know if the WR stator itself is fully wound on a few posts or if all the posts are partially wound? I would hope that of all the guys that have had the woodruff key issues that atleast one of them would remember this small detail. :)

Thanks guys!

On my 01 wr426 all post are wound. If i remember correctly baja designs will not rewind wr stators because they could not get much more output than stock. But i could be wrong. You could try http://www.elineaccessories.com/electricalyamaha.html but it is alot of $$$$ good luck


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