Another stock or aftermarket clutch for 99 yz400f?

I've been riding this yz400f for almost 10 years now and I'm ready for my 3rd clutch. I'm not sure whether I want another TUSK like I've got now or go back to the stock clutch pack. The original stock unit lasted over 5 years for me alone but I've trashed 2 TUSK units over the last 3 years or so. I'm not certain if one's better than the other though since I've really abused the clutch more over those last 4 or 5 years doing pretty hard core single track and rocky stuff plus trips to Glamis every year. I also think I wore the last unit a little more right off the bat due to some adjustment issues. After installing it, I just wasn't getting a full 'pull' on the lever and I had several rides in a row where the clutch would fade and then grab real bad. I've got a Magura clutch and found that I had to make a special 'spacer' for the slave cylinder and that solved that problem for the most part. However, when I ran it through some of that hardcore hill climb or singletrack like last weekend it would get extremely grabby to the point where it never released. Now since I don't know if I ruined that unit early on in it's life or not, I'm asking whether or not I should get another TUSK or OEM or something else. I'm not going to go crazy and spend lots of money on Rekluse or Hinson though since I hope to finally upgrade the bike in a year or two. Any advice or info is appreciated,



OEM is the best choice, IMO. If you go aftermarket, at least go premium stuff like Hinson or Barnett, not cheapo junk like Tusk.

I called the dealer tonight and they priced the OEM clutch at $170 (ouch). He did say he could do a EBC clutch without springs for about $80 though. Is that any better than the TUSK?


That would be fine. But what does the basket and inner hub look like after 10 years? That could be part of your grabbing issue

That would be fine. But what does the basket and inner hub look like after 10 years? That could be part of your grabbing issue

Those parts looked fine when I changed it 1 1/2 years ago but I won't have it torn open to inspect it until this weekend to see how it looks now.

I opened up the case this weekend and pulled the clutch. Other than the clutch disks everything looks pretty good. I'm thinking about getting the EBC clutch unless anyone on here thinks that's a really bad call. They're brakes work pretty good so I figure to give them a shot.

Same as Tusk, don't waste the money................. I did. Get the OEM through Thumper Talk Store or the net $170 is steep.......... Like 129 for Fiber, Steel and Springs at TT Store.

I was looking at the TT store and I'm not sure how to order the clutch as a kit. Do you have to order plate and spring individually? Are there any other good online stores you recommend, I usually just get all my stuff at Rocky Mnt but they don't sell OEM.

With Yamaha OEM parts, there is no "clutch kit" (except for the new 2010 YZ450). You order the appropriate number of plates and the springs separately. Be sure your steel plates are in good condition, or order those as well.

OK, I'm setting up to order the friction disks only through TT since the steels look excellent. Not sure yet if I will install my old stock springs or the newer heavy duty springs I've got that are a little shorter than stock. I was looking at changing oil brand and trying out Rotella T6 (synthetic) which a lot of people swear by but now that I'm having clutch problems I'm not sure what to run. I had been using the MObile1 MC oil. Any thoughts on that?

Buy new OEM springs and run those. You'll be happier, and they're far from expensive.

I run Amsoil MCF Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, and have zero clutch problems. Because it's blended for use in a transmission, it holds up well enough that I can change it out every 3 rides instead of having to do it more often. Mobil1 Racing 4T and some other oils are also made for the purpose, but generally cost more.

Rotella is an excellent ENGINE oil, but is not blended as a transmission lubricant, and is notoriously bad at retaining its rated viscosity for any length of time when used in a gearbox. It will shear from a 10w-40 to a 10w-30 or worse in two hours or less (by actual test). If you can get it cheaply enough that you can change it every ride, don't take long or multi-day trips, and don't mind the extra work, it's OK.

OK, can't say no to the expert so the springs and clutch plates are on order. I guess if you ask for advice you better be ready to follow it too. My Amsoil guy is quoting me $32 +tax for a gallon of MCF which doesn't seem to bad but I'm still looking at other options. It will definitely be a specific motorcycle oil though. I'm not entirely sold on Yamalube though since it's going to just be repackaged oil from another producer. I guess I can take my time since I don't have a free weekend until almost Christmas to ride anyhow.

Just did a clutch in my '04 450. Ordered friction and steel plates, springs, and gasket from TT store. I think it was 130 for all. I just use yamalube 10-50 semi-syn and have had no problems. New clutch feel is great.

I'm still waiting for my parts to arrive but it should be today or tomorrow. I'll probably pick up some oil today so I can soak the friction disks a few hours before installing.

EBC was my mistake,I even put my OEM springs back in and still the fade was terrible under load back to OEM for me

I haven't run OEM for about 3 years and the ones I started with were several years old already when I got the bike so I'm looking forward to getting back out there and test how they feel and hold up to abuse. I've got my Amsoil MCF oil on order for this weekend so hopefully I'll have an hour to spare somewhere and get this thing back together. It's been on the bench torn apart for almost 3 weeks now.

With Yamaha OEM parts, there is no "clutch kit" (except for the new 2010 YZ450). You order the appropriate number of plates and the springs separately. Be sure your steel plates are in good condition, or order those as well.

Yamaha DOES offer clutch kits for all of their newer mx bikes. I actually bought a 2006-2009 yz450 clutch kit for my 2010 before the 2010 kit was available. The only difference between the 2006-2009 and 2010-11 are the clutch cover gasket.

The kits can be found here - Select you model/year and click on the 'performance' tab

These are a pretty new addition, and other than the '10/'11, they have up to now only been listed as a kit with a single part number by looking in the GYT-R section of the accessories catalog:

The latest Yamaha parts fiche online now shows the same reference to a clutch plate kit as the page for the 2010 does, but the part number listings haven't been added yet. I would think that the dealers already have that info in their dealership parts fiche, or will very shortly, and they can look it up under accessories.

So at this point, it looks as if OEM Yamaha clutch kits are now available. I don't know if it will be any cheaper that way.

I think you'll find that the kit is cheaper than piecing together plates/fibers/springs (+ a gasket) separately. From the dealer I posted above, the individual parts come to 150.50, and they sell the kit for 119.24. The kit comes with the exact same part numbers as what is listed in the fiche.

Cool. I think it's great that you can buy the parts individually, because sometimes that's all you need, but parts like this that are often used in sets should be packed that way as an alternative, too.

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