jetting results

I jetted to eln #3, 38pj, 60-65pas, 1.5ps, 165mj, 200maj. In first gear I have a studder or kind of cutting out when the rpms build. Rest of gears are ok. I tried ps from o to 3 turns and didn't really seem to change anything. Any suggestions. I wanted to put a 160 maj and go down on my main to 160 but did not get it before I left for up north. Before I did this, with the eln #3 and rest stock, the studder was in first and second. Trying to figure out if to lean or rich on pilot circuit, or should I go to clip 4 and drop the main to 160. Also, what does the 160 maj bring to the equation. Any info will be greatly apprecaited.

Larson,I,m pretty close to you I,m running OBEKN #3 40/70 PAS but on the mains we,re a mile apart.I using 158/160 MAJ.I suspect you're fat up top.I run-No Lid,YZ Pipe w/Quiet Insert & WR timing& BKed.This hits down low real nice & pulls clean for me,best set up so far.I ride in Michigan from 500-1500 ft.160/160 seemed too rich for me.


Think you are good on PJ, PAS. I would go with 160MJ, 160MAJ, fuel screw 1.75. Try current clip 3 and then give it a test on clip 4. One of those setups should be wonderful.

Thanks for the replies. My next time up north I will have the 160 maj and a power now. I will try the 160mj when I put in the 160maj, and leave eln at clip 3, with 38/60-65. Just wondering what the maj effects (low, middle, top) and is the 160maj richer than the 200 maj. I would guess so because there would be less air?


The MJ effects mostly the 3/4 and up throttle settings, but has some effect as low as 1/4. To go smaller on the MAJ

will richen the mixture. When you change the MJ, MAJ pay close attention to the changes 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, it will give you a hint about your clip position. If you drop the MJ and it runs worse at 1/4 to 1/2, this would indicate that you need to raise the needle. The PJ, PAS effects only the 1/4 and under. With the fuel jets and air jets I think of the MJ, PJ as controling the volume, and the MAJ, PAJ as controling the mixture, and when both are correct it will rip. Hope this helps.

Thanks I will try that also...

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