Differences between wr 426 and xr650 ???

I hate to extend such a long post, but I had to weigh in with my $.02.

I own an XR650 and a YZ426. (In the past I've owned another YZ426 and a WR) I ride the YZ and the XR sometimes right after each other so I can compare them rather easily. The main difference in the two (my opinion) is when you get into aggressive trail riding with small hills and jumps. The XR feels more stable over jumps, but that is probably because when I take the YZ over the same jump it goes twice as high in the air. As far as general 1st and second gear tight trails I love them both but in the reliability and maintenence department I'd go with the XR. It's never given me a problem at all. The YZ's and WR's have been awesome too, but do require a more frequent post ride inspection schedule of valve clearances, coolant levels, tightening of bolts, etc. YZ is slightly faster but in a more "uncontrollable" way, if that makes sense. Whenever I climb off of either one I always have a big smile though :-)

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