deoctopuss wr400 carb

can anyone give me some info on removing all the unneccessary hoses on my carb. is there a picture on this subject somewhere? thanks alot shane

Is this De Octopusing somthing that will apply to my 1999 YZ400F. I'm not having any performance problems yet, but am always looking for more torque.

I believe ther is a post in the technical section. It removes all the un-nessary hoses from th ecarb. You should do it right and remove the brackets the hoses are attached with. Also you can look at Momilkman's signature for picture references of mods also. From what I've been told this mod isn't necessary for the YZ400, as the carb doesn't have the octopus. :)

The YZ does not have it.

The WR has it. Its a little extra doodad sitting on the side of the carb with a bunch of pipes goin in and out of it.

Pull the whole thing off.

The pipe leading from the hot start needs to be hooked up to the bottom and furthest forward hole on the engine intake. Plug the other holes that are left with an automotive style plug.


I'll try and post a picture of the finished product.

Heres the whole ugly contraption once its off your bike.


Ugly huh?! :)

thanks for the help. does this help performance or just get rid of the mess? thanks again shane

thanks for the help. does this help performance or just get rid of the mess? thanks again shane

Doesn't help performance, just makes it harder to start without it :)

From my seat of the pants dyno. It does absolutley nothing for performance. It does clean up the appearance of the bike and minimize areas for air leaks. If your bike has an open exhaust and YZ timing. You might want to try the jetting configuration in my signature.


I went YZ timing, Bills jetting, and de-octopussed all in the same day with fabulous results.

And the bike does start easier!!

Oh, and I re-shimmed too. (mabye thats why it starts easier) :)

Need to restart this one. The link to the pics is bad. I' getting the jd kit and zip ty screw and wonder if it just make sense to remove all those hoses at the same time. any help would be appricate it. :naughty:

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