Building up a 450

Would be nice to know what kind of numbers you'd get if you had the following configuration

2010/2011 yz450 engine

Full exhaust

GYTR intake/exhaust cams

Ported head

13.5:1 piston

Power commander V

Would 60hp be possible with something like this?

How would these mods affect the low end on this bike? would it turn it into a high PRM shifting engine versus the stock low-mid range RPM shifting?

Would you lose quite a bit of low end torque for stops and starts, or it wouldn't be that noticable?

60 hp is a big number, and although quite a few have claimed to have reached it, very few actually have with 450cc engines. Ron Hamp is one who really has with the Gen2 engine. His engines win Grand National Flat Track events. The Gen3 (2010) 4 valve head shows some promise, though, and depending on who ports the head and how well, 56-57 real horsepower could be reasonable accessible.

And yes, you will loose a little grunt any time you go after more peak power at this level.

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