Knee braces

Dave, I have been riding dirt for 30 years now, and I could tell about 5 years or so ago that things were starting to get wore out in the knee area. Between the bikes and lots of running (been in the Army 23 years now) it was too much. Finally, summer 99 did the ACL/MCL rupture in the left knee. After about 4 months of rehab (and the Army kicking in and buying the CTi2 braces) I was able to pick it back up again. I believe I am as pscyhologically dependent on these things now, as much as physically! The one or two times I have fooloishly ridden since with out wearing them, I was sore the next day, not only from any twisting action but also impact absorption. I could not imagine riding competivley without them (over 40 expert) and only wish I had invested in them sooner!

I'm 23y/o and had ACL reconstruction when I was 15 y/o. I tore it riding my friends 2smoke cause I was used to my tt350 4stroker. Anyways back then I did a little research and found that most experts thought that the neoprene(sp?) braces with the metal hinges on the sides were just as effective as the expensive custom ones. These are the braces that you buy at a sports store for $30. I have been wearing one of those for the past 8 years on my knee that I had surgery on and it has been fine even with some really hard wrecks. I never wore one on my other knee until I crashed this past new years and sprained my knee bad. I did do a little internal damage but not enough to necessitate imidiate surgery. After that I purchased another $30 brace so now I wear them on both knees just as some sort of prevention. I feel that the knee that I had ACL reconstruction on is 100% and I just wear the brace as a protection device. (which is partially mental) I'm not sure what recent research has shown about the comparison but I figure what I wear is better then nothing and I can afford them unlike the 2 CTI braces that I would like to have.

Just my 2 cents! Sorry if I babbled.



When in doubt, GAS IT!


I,m in the middle of getting CTi knee brces and it's all thanks to my work benifits. All you need if a perscription from your doctor saying that you need (BI-LATERAL= both knees

or LATERAL= for one knee - HARD CONSTRUCTION KNEE BRACE(s) FOR DAILY USE ). Then you leave it up to the company your getting your knee braces from - perferably a company that works with motocross racers . These people will help you out in getting the braces !

if you got any more questions just e-mail me and i will elaberate alittle more .


Thanks for the posts.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if the racing community has learned that knee braces should be worn regardless of knee condition.

My knees are healthy, so why would I wear knee braces? Will my knees wear out, what sort of crash would a knee brace save me from?

Lastly, (this is my weird brain at work) has anybody produced a knee brace that is spring loaded at the joint, thereby making it easier to stand and/or hold your position?


I broke my left patella (kneecap)

in december. I did alot of rehab

and still exercise and stretch all

the time . i just bought fox pivot knee guards and they are far for the price of 50

bucks they only strap at the shin gaurd part

and it tukes in your boot. i want to get cti2

soon ( thank - you benifits at work) these fox pivot ones should do fine until then.

I have healthy knees (I am now knocking on wood!), but I have seen what my buds have gone thru & it sounds real painfull and a lotta rehab. Plus it's never 100%.

I just got my 2nd set (from Ins.) of CTI'2s first ones were 8yrs old and worn out. Since I recently got laid off I figured I'd better get as much medical stuff taken care of while I still have insurance. I just told my doc I injured my knees playing softball (I never mention m/c's) and am real active and my knees hurt and knee surgery is REAL expensive vs. the braces. Fake the pain when he grabs your leg!! :)

I will not ride w/o them I feel they have saved me a few times already.

I have a famous saying regarding riding dirtbikes..."You can NEVER GET ENOUGH PROTECTION!!!. :D




where can you buy these CTi2 braces?

I've been seeing more and more stuff in the mags on knee braces. The type that staps to the lower and upper leg with a pivot joint at the knee.

I thought these were used for people during recovery or with weak knees, but it seems like they are being touted as a form of protection gear.

Are you guys wearing these things, and if so, what are the expectations of how and when they would provide "protection"?



Go to this website, and look up the rep in your area. You need a Dr.'s prescription though.




I have a cti2 and evs(185.oo). The braces are designed to prevent hyper extension of your knee in the event of a fall as well as patella coverage and help in keeping your leg aligned. I can't ride w/out them for the same reasons the other guys stated. You have to ask yourself- what are my knees worth? I think you know. If the cti2's are too pricey then try the evs rs-6 braces for 185$ apiece.

I have had CTi Edges for both knees since 96. My HMO does not cover them, I paid $1000 for them then. I bought them for skiing, but I won't ride without them. My knees are healthy and I want to keep them that way. I also compete in triathlons (ironman hawaii four times) and mountain bike races. Bad knees would put a serious damper on my life. My younger brother has trashed his and now has a cadaver tendon in his ACL. He was an excellent triathlete but can't run now. A friend of mine is laid up with ACL and MCL damage from snowboarding last weekend. Don't think that if your knees are undamaged that braces are frivolous. Look at Jeremy M and all the other top pros that wear them.

Anyway, I am not completely happy with the Edge. They are wearing out, kind of heavy, they chafe you, they are hot in the summer, the patella guard is flimsy and its hokey neoprene attachment breaks quickly. The polyethylene side joint guard gets bent and hangs up in your pants, and sometimes pulls off, then they gouge your tank graphics badly. Replacement parts like velcro straps and patella guards are frequenly needed and are ridiculously expensive.

The march issue of MXA has a two page pictorial of all available braces. Now that is is time to replace mine, the Asterisk Cells look interesting. They look alot better made (I doubt that patella guard will break) and they are lighter. Has anyone seen these braces anywhere? Where is the best place to get these cheap?


Thanks for the great feedback, and I didn't know you we're a triathlete.

After seven Ironman's and numerous half and olympic courses, I retired in 97 to get back into motos. I was thinking about going back and doing some more, but it's tough having enough time to keep up with both.

I wonder if we have met, seen or talked at any of these events?



I have the CTi2, which is their custom brace and the Edge which is their off the shelf brace for my other leg. First let me say that I wear my knee braces for the same reason I wear a helmet and chest protector and Hard elbow pads. I am trying to prevent an injury. It is cheaper to invest in some good braces as preventive/or for those that have injuries. Than to pay for the medical costs or worse yet the down time I spent in physical therapy, not able to ride my bike or do any other hobbies I have. One person wrote about the insurance info and he is right. Get your Dr. to write a prescription for you and Innovation Sports (the maker of CTi/Edge) will check with your insurance policy to see what coverage you have. Their web page is The customer service is awesome and the turn around time is around 5-7 days from when they measure your leg. If I could do It all over again I would get the Custom CTi2 for both knees. The brace is slimmer and just fits better, also less bukly under my riding pants. The Edge is an awesome brace for off the shelf, and provides the same amount of protection as the CTi2. If you can afford it go with the custom braces, if not the EDGE is just as worthy for much less $$. Hope this information is helpful and feel free to reply

if you have any questions.

DaveJ-were you the one that had a recent broken lower leg? Its worth it to get braces for what you do. I have glass knees and and hyperextended them several times when I played soccer in college. I hyperextended my knee once PUSHING my motocycle. I have had exactly zero injuries while wearing them, even considering some pretty ugly crashes while telemarking (I always worry about an "eggbeater" with skiis on, I don't think they could protect you from that kind of fall).

I am 42 and raced Hawaii in 89, 90, 91 and 95. In 90 I got 53rd overall, 20th american. Then I got married, two kids, don't have 30 plus hours to spare anymore so I race a triathlon or two every year to keep me motivated to stay in shape. Racing dirt bikes is WAY more fun, even though I was a better triatlete. I race HS in our winter series and then do the tri and mtn bike stuff in the summer. Although I think I will try a couple MXs this year, if the wife lets me.

If you are ever in CO look me up, we are also planning that Co thumper trip with Tom N. Hope to meet you someday.

Mike - yes, I broke my lower leg in two places when a tree jumped out in front of me. My lower leg is now more metal than bone.

I've been rehabing myself to death trying to get back to being fully functional. I've had a very quick recovery so I think I'm just about ready for some casual riding. Now I need to decide if I want all this metal taken out.

And it sounds like your tri days were before mine. I never made Hawaii because the qualifying times for my age group were too low (about 9:30 for full and 4:15 to 4:25 for half). Would have had to quit my job to pull that one off.

So I mostly did Canada and New Zealand.

And I'll have to check into the Colorado trip you guys are doing. Sounds like a good time.

Thanks for the input.


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