Bearing repacking info

I am sure many of you have noticed the yellow material in the needle bearings of your YZF. I have also read on the list that some of you have wondered if you should remove the plastic, waxy, yellow stuff, when it comes time to regrease. Working at a Seal manufacturer, being owned by a large bearing company, I called one of the Bearing Engineers to hear his thought on the issue. No it is not NTN, if it was I would be running a super sale on engineering samples :) Like I figured, the plastic piece is put into place after the bearing is assembled to keep it from falling apart during shipping and installation. It will not hurt anything to take that piece out and leave it out when you service the bearings. It will be much easier to clean and repack them without the plastic piece in there, it will also hold more grease than before.

Hope this helps....



I was under the impression that the plastic maintained separation between the needles.


Is there anything in the assembly that does this, or do the needles float?



The yellow material is actually a solid grease poly-lube pack. This lubrication offers several advantages over conventional grease. Longer service intervals because the grease leaks less staying in the area, this also keeps dirt from getting into the rolling contact point.

There seems to be much confusion on this subject. Many think that these bearings are inadequately lubricated, when they probably offer the longest service life from the factory before needing to be regreased.

Hope that this information helps.

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