Desert Tank Dilema

I just a put an IMS 3.3 gal tank on my 03 WR450. It fit perfectly, but I did have to put YZ shrouds on it. I noticed right away however that the petcock was lower than the intake tube on the carb. The tube even points up so it would be inline with the petcock on a stock tank directly above. So I had to run 12" of fuel line to curve up lie a question mark all the way to the top side of the fuel intake tube. With a full or even half tank this is no problem. There is enough pressure from the fuel level being above the carb to keep fuel flowing through the line. Once the fuel drops below the carb inlet gas stops flowing. I found this out the hard way...... Took me about 15 minutes to figure out gas wasn't flowing and I was able to lean the bike over and get enough gas from the opposite side to get the fuel level high enough to ge tme back to camp.

But the problem remains. What can I do to make use of the rest of the gas in the tank? Almost defeats the purpose of having a larger tank if you can't use all the gas. There is just over a quart of unusable gas this way. I was thinking of turning the fuel inlet tube down so I could get a bout 3-4 inches lower. Still won't be able to use all the gas but gets me a little closer.

Anyone else had this problem? Can i turn the inlet tube? I think it is pressed in and I don't want to mess it up.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Definitely turn the fuel inlet to the carb to the horizontal position. May require a little force on the older FCRs.

The new ones turn effortlessly.

Ride wheelies to keep the tank higher than the carb!


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