&%&* off idle stumble

I think I'm going to wig out! I have been trying to get this stumble out of the ole XR since i installed the Dynojet kit. I have the needle in the third postion from the top, #160 main, fuel screw out 2.75 turns, snorkel removed, K&N air filter, stock exhaust, and the slide drilled 5/32. I have a bad stumble from idle to full throttle. Also, i have read many posts of folks that have installed the same kit and can't keep the front wheel on the ground. My will lift the wheel in first only and that's with a 14t countersprocket!! Man I'm gonna freak out! I'm traveling to Montana this weekend and I need to get this thing working right. HELP PLEASE!!

hello fellow iowan and fellow XR owner! Have you tried a larger pilot jet? My stock pilot jet was way too small. Now i'm using a 58, it seems about right for the stock exhaust. Do you have the insert in the muffler? The bike will run leaner with it removed, richer with it in place.

If a larger pilot jet doesn't take care of it, try moving the needle to the 4th position from top. I'm guessing at this point the dealer would have to order the pilot jet anyway.

A 160 main jet is what i'm using, if anything i suspect it's a bit rich.

My bike wheelies good in 1st, ok in 2nd (clutching helps) and 3rd you really have to work at it to get the front up at all. I feel like my bike runs properly, I think some of the accounts of "easy 3rd gear wheelies" are exaggerated.

I do have the insert still in the muffler. The plug says it's running right but I still have the nasty hesitation. Do you still have the snorkel in yours? Where in Iowa are you? I still can't figure out why this is so doggy. Before removing the snorkel, the front end would come up pretty easy, but the bottom end wasn't quite there. That tells me by removing the snorkel it certainly like the larger air volume but now there's no velocity.

I did remove the snorkel, and between that and what ever other factors it was lean across the board. I have my needle shimmed up a bit and the bleed holes in the slide are drilled to 5/32". Also, I took a die grinder and removed the cross bar in the end of the muffler insert. No big deal but i'm sure it helped a bit. Waterloo.

I think some of the accounts of "easy 3rd gear wheelies" are exaggerated.

Can't help you much in the carb department, other then recommend getting an Edelbrock Quicksilver. The thing just rips.

As for the wheelies, if you ever get a chance to ride a YZ450, do it. It pulls wheelies easily in fourth gear. It is insane.

Good luck.

Uh, yea, that's a different bike. I was referring to the XR650L. Where I live, you cant ride the YZ on the street, so it's a moot point.

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