FMF Q or stock YZ pipe on my wr 426 2002 ?

Hi guys,

I'm about to buy a pipe for my wr. I have the choice between a fmf Q pipe at $600.00 cdn or a stock yz 2002 pipe at whatever price I can get, (around $100.00 US).

Originally the bike was equipped with the fmf Q pipe. But I decided not to take it at that time. I guess I was a bit overwelmed by its potential. :)

I want to know which pipe would be more appropriate, and if I'm going to have to make jetting changes for any of these two pipes?

I ride mostly trails with the occasional MX track playing.

I run the bike without the snorkel and with a Unifilter. Other than that the bike is stock. Jetting seems to be right as it starts usually 1st/2nd kick and only slight backfiring when I snap back from wide open throttle.

Thanks, all infos are welcomed :D

I like the Q. But it is spendy. Took the exhaust from ear-splitting to almost pleasant. Also I think it's lighter than stock.

But 600 bones? (gulp)

All the best.

Over here there have been some !Quality!" issues with FMF, also a lot of people have reported that although acceptably quiet, the FMF kills the top end..... :)

The stock YZ can is very light, I run one on my 400, makes good power and although not as quiet as the FMF, is considerably quieter than a White Bros for example, (I've run both :D)


Sylvain, I am very pleased with my YZ muffler on my WR. Mine is the Canadian/Australian muffler with the "cone" safety tip. I can't compare it's performance to an aftermarket muffler, as I haven't tried any others, but it is way lighter, heaps less restrictive, and looks better (I polished mine) than the stock WR pipe. It is also not that loud until you grab a handful of throttle. I have to ride on the street to get to a riding area not too far from my house, and i don't attract any attention as long as I just cruise along. Before anybody flames me for riding on public streets, my bike is road-registered. :)

Thanks guys, :D :D

I made up my mind, The YZ can is it. :D

Now, what are the mod neede to instal the yz pipe on my wr ? :D

Thanks :)

It will bolt straight on. Just make sure you get all the rubber grommets etc, that come standard with the YZ muffler. :)

I have the "Q" and really like it. The tone is pleasant and had no noticiable effect on power. I haven't had any quality issues with it at all so I say if you like the "Q" go for it. FYI, my "Q" is the old one (1 1/2 years old) prior to the new one aimed directly at the Cali sound laws. Not sure what the differences might be.


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