Dropped cam c-clip into engine :(

Hey guys, I was trying to do YZ timing mod with my wr426. I was trying to look for c clip but still managed to drop it into engine :excuseme: what options do I have to get it out without pulling magneto and flywheel off? is the c-clip magnetic to try fish it out with some strong magnet like the one in hard drives? I live in shithole without access to yamahas special tools like flywheel puller etc.

Ideas? any help will be appreciated

can you see it?

Nope, tried to use flashlight but couldn't see it

It is steel and a magnet will work but 99% chance, the flywheel will have to be pulled.

Next time, stuff rags in the cam chain tunnel and have a magnet at the ready to grab on to the "C" clip.

Try a neodymium magnet jb welded to a coat hanger. It has to be stiff, so it won't stick to other steel parts and get stuck.

ok got it, tomorrow will try to fish it out with magnet. Guys what do you think, will oil filter wrench work for loosening the nut on flywheel? as for flywheel puller, I think its quite easy to make it using steel plate, drill stand and a nut of appropriate size!

Air gun to remove the nut.

Correct puller along with the correct technique.

Happened to me the first time I adjusted the valves. I was able to get to it by just removing the stater cover. It was stuck to the magneto but I was able to reach it. Good luck

thanks for opinions, currently waiting for epoxy to cure and will dive into motor with a ruler and a magnet glued to it...

Hey guys, I'm just back from my garrage. got it out with my magnet thingie, just wanted to thank zukrider one more time for his idea. The clip was stuck to the outer side of the chain and I wouldn't be able to get it out trying to reach it from the top of my engine. I looked for the clip from magneto side and luckily it was there, just where the chain goes over the crank sprocket, so I picked my magnet and fished it out on the first try.

Happy end I guess, Thanks again to all :excuseme:

Now, go on line and order a flywheel puller while you don't need it so it's there the next time you do! They aren't expensive, and are available from just about any mail order parts house that sells Motion Pro stuff...

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