2010 starting issues when cold

Anyone having a hell of a time starting this bike with colder temps?

It's starting to cool down here quite a bit, took the bike out twice now where the temp was only 5 degrees celcius out, and I had to kick over the bike about 20 times to get it going.

When it's hot, starts one kick regardless the temp, so I don't think that it's a valve issue, however I have not checked them yet.

I found that if I turned the choke off it would help starting, but still would be tough to get going.

I'm thinking that the starting circuit on this bike is too lean for the colder temps


I'm using maxima FFT on my air filter and maybe I'm applying it too generously, when it gets colder it slows the air down too much???

Anyone else having issues, or have tricks to get the bike going when cold?

50 degrees f and below you need to use the cold start knob at least. I went yesterday for the first time in two months and it was right at 50 f and I needed to use the cold start to get it started. I need to review whether or not a few twists to prime it would be beneficial.

Rode this weekend also, used cold start 3 kicks and away I went.

And to the above, twisting the throttle will not add fuel unless the ecu is reading an rpm signal as in bike is running.

That's true, I just remember priming my 08 when it hadn't been ridden for a while in the winter. It was cold start knob and 3 or 4 kicks for me also last weekend.

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