Anybody from....?

Any body from Northern Westchester or Putnam County in New York. Just curious.

Wow - I guess not. How about - anybody from New York?

Where is that, I don't have a county map, I ride near Elmira, NY about 45 min west of binghamton. Send me an email if you're nearby.

I am from Saugerties NY. about 40 miles south of Albany.

Rochester, NY

Wow, you guys are all pretty north of me. You guys are in Gods country. :D I am about 35-40 minutes north of NYC. I was just curious as to how many Thumpertalkers lived around here. I guess not too many. Anyway - does this winter suck or what. I'm dieing to test the new ride at the track. Needless to say, I can fire it up pretty quickly (in the garage). I took my brothers Yamaha Warrior this weekend just to check the conditions at one of the tracks - forget it. With all the melting snow, I had to put my Grand Cherokee in 4LOW just to get into the parking lot - talk about muddy. You should of seen the track - the Warrior sucked, I should of brought a freakin' horse. :)

Odie, I actually live west of you in Scranton, Pa but I go home because all the riding buddies are back home. Have you ever been to Hurricane Hills or Broome Tioga. Same guy owns both but the Hills is only 15 miles from my house. Nice track and I guess he's going to open up some saturday's for practice for a small fee. I put Trellborg's (spiked tires) on my 00 CR250 this year and rode all year long. It does suck now with the mud and water but for the most part it's been a good year. I'm also waiting the opportunity to ride my new 01 426 for the first time, I'm thinking about some dirt roads this weekend just to say I've ridden the damn thing.


Hey Odie!

I live in Cazenovia, NY, 'bout 25 miles SE of Syracuse. Can't even see my track - still under feet of snow! YECK!

Hurricane Hills? How is it? SATRA (Syracuse Area Trail Riders Assn) has a coupla rides there this summer. Thru SATRA I've ridden Broome & 'dilla. What riot!

You guys get in the area, let me know & bring your bikes. We ride Tuedays & Sundays on my track.


the hills is a pretty good track, are you right off 81 "jboz" I go through binghamton when I go to my girls house on the weekend. I race 1 of the winter series races at beldon hill, that's just north of binghampton. We should all get together and do some riding some weekend, I'm always up for a road trip. Do you guys do all MX or both MX and trail. I do some hare scrambles that are close by and I like roostin on the track also.

I've got a 1 1/2 mile mx in Cazenovia,NY about 90 min from Binghamton. No trail, hare, woods. SATRA does have rides at Thunder Ridge which includes MX & trail. Check out www.SATRA.ORG. They haven't posted '01 rides yet, but 4 of the 1st 5 will be at Broome. $65 / year & 2 workdays for a place to ride every week.

Send me a note @ and I can email membership ap & tentative '01 rides.

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