Input on a 1998 yz400f?

I recently bought a 1998 yz400f and wanted some more input on these bike, whats your take on them?

What imput are you after ?

I run a '98 YZ400, use it for desert riding for which it is a great bike. Very reliable, good power spread and delivery, with the group I ride with I have no problem keeping up with newere model 450's (and larger)

Yep, I have a 98 yz400 too and it is a wonderful bike. I have other bikes but I compared it to an 06 crf450r and a 05 yz450. Honestly the thing was about the same on speed. The difference was in smoother power and more torque with the 450's. I found the 400 to be a little brutal and hot rod feeling where the others were just easy. Mine is a great trail bike and will probably be around for a long time.

I have the 99 400 its hard to start but still workin on it other than that great bike keeps up with my buddys 05 crf 450

I love mine. Got it in July and the thing has been great.

I have two buddies that own 99's and they are great bikes. I rebuilt one because the previous owner abused it and the other is still going strong. I would recommend the decompression mod though. I did this mod to both bikes unless you dont mind the starting technique thing.

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