Wr 450 won't start

Hi I'm new so Apologies, Topped my 04 wr up with oil from cold and went out for a blast,after about 10 mins it started bogging down like it was running out of fuel so I put it on reserve and carried on.I stopped about 5 mins later to find fuel running out of the overflow onto the ground.and when I went to check my oil it spilled out of the top as soon as I removed my Dipstick.tried starting and it's turning over but won't start.help please

You do not fill and check oil on a cold engine. Most likely your are grossly overfilled.

Drain the oil and refill it t according to the manual quantity, not to the dipstick.

You also may have a stuck float or debris in the float needle vavle.

Hi,yes read about the checking of oil when hot but to late.just worried I may have caused some damage.I seem to have compression so hoping a carb clean will get her Goin again,seems a bit of a coincidence that it stopped running 15 mins after I overfilled it with oil though doesnt it?

Are you sure it's the fuel running out of overflow? when you overfill wr with oil the oil is spilling from head breather hose. Head vent is a thick black tube running from top of your engine along your front left frame tube vs. fuel overflow being thin translucent tube routed from your carby to your swingarm. FYI approx oil quantity that goes into wr is about 1.5 liters.

Yes was defo fuel ,think it was my float needle stuck as it started up after I gave float bowl a tapping with screwdriver.I've drained excess oil now and it's running fine.

Change your oil too!!!!!

i would bet gas overflowed into your engine.... which might explain why oil overflowed too. Smell it, does it smell like gas?


Yes it does smell of petrol,oil and filter bought today.thanks a lot.

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