WR400 and YZ400 interchangability?

So, I frequently am having trouble looking up aftermarket parts for the WR400 that I really want. For example I want a TM designs REALLY nice swing arm rub guards. They don't make it for the WR400, and I don't know if the YZ400 one is interchangable.

So, could some one clue me in on what differences there are between these models, or is it MOSTLY just the engine internals, tank (and therefore plastic mounting points), suspension internals, and sprocket sizes?

Look on an online parts fische, like the one at www.boats.net

Find the part for your model then click on the part number and it will tell you which other models that part was used on.

Hey -Jake-

Thanks for that link.I now know i have to rebuild my genuine crankshaft or buy a new oem at about 3 times the price of a wr450 crank?????????Go figure that out !THIEVEN MUNGRELS!

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