Acerbis Tank Owners -- Heat, Fuel Lines, and Solutions.

I'm running a large Acerbis tank on my YZ. Overall it is a good product but I am having a problem with the heat from my stock header melting the fuel line. As a preventative measure I've replace the fuel line and wrapped it with heat tape. Now I'm looking for a more permanent solution.

I’ve been contemplating the following solutions:

Option 1: Fit a gasket and cap in place of the petcock. I don’t use the right petcock and I’ve had no problem with gasoline getting to the left side even when it gets low. Ideally I would like to remove the right petcock altogether because it too gets hot and I don’t like the idea of anything fuel related getting hot. My only concern would be if the cap began to leak the gasoline would drip onto the header. Not good, I’ve seen to WR inferno pics.

Option 2: Cap the petcock. I would leave the petcock in the “off” position and remove the fuel line. As a precautionary measure to keep the valve closed I would safety wire the selector in the off position. I would also cap the exit of the petcock in case the safety wire broke and the valve opened.

Option 3: Insulate the existing fuel line. I haven’t done much research but I’m sure I could find some insulating tubing to put over the fuel line. Or stick with heat tape.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Has anyone else removed the petcock all together, or am I inviting a potential disaster? What about insulating the fuel line? Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.


1/4" Automotive grade fuel line and header wrap is what I used, but on my bike the right fuel line wasn't that close to the header. How do you have it routed? Try making it short enough that it runs straight, I put mine in front of the carb, in between the head stay and intake.

Hope this helps.

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