How Hot Was it?

Me & ThumpDaddy went out to Lake Havasu for the 4th weekend. Took the BRP's along too. Hey, it was only about 118-120 degrees :):D :D Gotta git up early to ride to the mines! Good thing there is a lot of water near by! :D

I'm sure it was nice and toasty. :) Where do you ride over there? I've heard of an area called Standard Wash OHV area that is south (?) of Lake Havasu City (AZ side)that is supposed to be pretty good. I'm thinking Thanksgiving weekend or New Years would be a good time to visit.


My family has a mobile home over on the Cali side of the Lake at Havasu Landing. We just ride out of the mobile home park into the wide open spaces. It's so nice out there! The trails and roads are not over-ridden like say Ocotillo gets. The BRP's are truly in their element here! There are mines, petroglyphs on rocks and wells that you can ride out to and take the old Parker to Laughlin trail. You can also ride the power line road from Havasu Landing to Parker. This takes you through some awesome scenery, very rugged and severe topography. Niiiice! Yeah, it was COOKIN"! :D What's sweet is getting back to the house with air conditioning then hopping on the Doo's and getting wet! :D Can't wait until October comes around. It's sweet weather then! :) See ya there? :D

I got to hand it to you, that's some hot riding. Eight of us headed up to Lucerne Vally last Aug, it was about 112 deg. six of us (me included) got some level of heat exhaustion, my BRP pulled a no start about 2 miles away from camp, it took me almost 5 minutes of kicking to get it fired up, I used every trick I could think of to get her running, no help. By the time it fired, I was so overheated, I quit sweating. We headed straight back to camp ( no ski-doos ) and got us cooled down with plenty of water poured on the wrists, and neck.

This was the hottest that I had rode the XR, I noticed a lack of power also, but we were at 3000 ft plus, so that didn't help us any. I might try riding in that heat again, but only if I had a nice cool pool to dive into afterwards! :)

Man, I hear ya! Last year we went out to Superstitian Mountain from our camp at Ocotillo Wells. I can't remember exactly what time of year it was (because I cooked my brain!) but man, I overheated. I didn't really appriciate a 70 oz. Camel Back back then. It was all I could do to get back to camp without falling off my scoot and then I put a full ice bag on my head for a looooong time :D I had little desert fairies flying 'round my head! :D I bought a Camel Back the next day and don't/won't ride without it from then on. Hydration is key!

Maybe we should do a Thumpy Ride out at Havasu when it cools off? Who's in? :):D

See ya there? :)

I'd love to ride over there, I'll know what my October is shaping up like by the end of this month.

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