BAD news for my baby 426! help?

When you pull your flywheel and timing chain, carefully expect the gears that run the timing chain (crank end) - if there is noticeable wear - REPLACE your crank before your timing chain skips or you'll be into a whole lot of dollars soon through buying a new head or rebuilding your head.

you have to replace the whole crank if so?

Got it cowboy thanks again, let me know how your installation goes.

you have to replace the whole crank if so?

Visible wear and excessive wear are two different things. And yes, at least the left crank axle would need to be replaced.

Got it cowboy thanks again, let me know how your installation goes.

My wife is having an estrogen festival at our house this weekend, so I'll be basically living in the garage. Suffice it to say the bike will be done by Sunday evening, if not sooner :p I need some quality time in the garage anyways!

thats good news!!!!

so did you get it together?? i have my rod kit ordered... once i get it i will tear the bottum end apart..

And for some reason i cant find your thread you had with the cross refference for the bottum end bearings.?

Well i got my rod kit here. Now im odering gasket set piston and rings and new timing chain today any brand i should avoid gettin?

Should i stick with stock piston or maybe a high performance piston?

I haven't touched my project in months... too much life going on unfortunately. Hopefully you have better luck than I'm having with mine.

hey! well i just got my gasket kit, cam chain, piston and rings should be here today.

But i have one problem the cam chain i got is made in china! :S and you can kinda tell it was too..So im kinda scared to use it... should i inspect the old one and see if it is reusable? or should i find i better brand of cam chain!?

I'd send the made in China chain back and get an OEM chain if you suspect the old one is beyond its serviceable limits. And no, my project is still not back together :thumbsup:

i got a YBN magnum cam chain. chain as japan specification yaban chain industrial.?

yea thats prolly what im gonna do lol i just need to figure out which two lowerend bearing i need lol ( my paper is a mess!!) then i got evrything to rebuild!!!

Can anyone tell me what the end of the inner clutch push rod is supposed to look like?

Mine is kinda mushroomed?(before rebuild i had trouble with hard clutch lever pull in) should the END of that rod be like a point or just flat? and mine is just showing some wear?

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