WR450 noise from chain area

Maybe some of you guys have experienced this.

I started hearing a clunking noise at slow speeds. Seems to be coming from the chain area on the left side of the bike, which has about 1000 miles logged. I kinda remember hearing some of you TTr's discussing this awhile back. Is the chain too loose? It seems OK. Maybe its a guard loose?

Thanks :)

It's just chain slap. Make sure you have it adjusted properly and ride on! I think all big bore bikes see this. I've got the high end sidewinder tri molly chain and mine still makes a noise. At first I thought it was valve slap until I rode my buddy's KTM 520 and heard the same thing. :)

Get a tube of stuff called shoe goop, put a thin layer under the top of the chain slider,between the rubber and the swingarm. this cuts down on the slapping noise... alot. :)

Shoe goop it is.

Thanks guys!

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