Should I buy the YZF426 over the others?


Sounds familiar. I used to sneak out with the AFM guys at Sears Point every now and then. Had a video camera mlunted to the back of the 916 so I could capture those guys as I...ummm...passed them.

Okay, I'm not that fast...just loud.

But that number does seem familiar. I'll have to go back and see if you're on any of the tapes.

And where are you riding the 426?



Glad to hear you went with the YZ. Next time your at the road races in phoenix, stop by and say hey to Tom Krause (his wife is in charge of scoring), and his little buddy Scott. I have been dirt riding with them for the last year or so. They love it for rr training. We usually ride the Whitetank Mountain area. Scott shows up on his 1980's xr250 and somehow is always one of the fastest on the trail. Come out and ride with us, it's always a blast.

Court Crowell


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.


Glad to hear you went with the YZ. I just got home from my first ride on this machine and I am no longer questioning my decision between that and the WR. I guess 1st gear could be a bit lower, but this thing begs to be ridden fast!

I was especially happy with it's starting. I have heard a lot (thanks to all) about NOT blipping the throttle when starting and following the perscribed procedure. It fired within 3 every time (3 kicks was at the end of the day).

Welcome to the they say...

Happy Trails....

Quote: I expect to ride mostly in the Arizona desert (flat out!), perhaps some fast trails, and maybe even an occasional jump or berm or two (am I making this too easy?). - Leads me to believe you are looking for something more in the line of a KTM-520 MXC.

Quote: However, there may be times where I want to go camping and a good midrange, a light, an electric start, and a kickstand sound nice - Would also lead me to believe you would be happier with the KTM-520 MXC.

The 426F is a born and bred Motocross machine and demands to be ridden aggressively. If you really are looking for a bike like you described, the 426 may not be the perfect choice... However, what you thought you were looking for may change after some time in the saddle. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the ride.



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Hey Guys,

DaveJ -I live in Mesa(East of Phoenix) so most of the road racing/riding I have done is at Firebird and PIR. In California I have only ridden Buttonwillow (near Bakersfield) it probably wasn't me on the tape. I have been riding the YZ on mostly fast trails and jeep roads (as I have heard them being called) in east Mesa and North Scottsdale. Although I also have a secret location that is wide open, flat and safe - where I can work on my throttle control and sliding the rear (and front).

YZ400 Court - I know Tom Krause, he is well respected in our racing club. Next weekend I may say something to him about riding.

EBay Thumper - I also was glad I didn't get the WR. Both are great but the YZ fits my style (and intent) better. AND I AGREE this thing wants, if not begs, to be ridden fast. Sure it works good enough for trails, but last weekend after about two hours putting around in 1st (on some slow trails with other KTMs), the bike and I quickly bored. It was out of its element, and so was I. I also have been very happy with the starting procedure. I heard nightmares too. But, only once or twice has it taken more than a single kick (so far). You just have to learn the sweet spot, then try to find it every time.

MrMxer - I have seen plenty of those KTM go by. They look and sound like great bikes (for what I am doing), and maybe someday I will navigate toward them. However, I didn't look that closely at bikes above $6,000 - even if they do have Brembos and Ohlins.

Thanks Guys.

I bought an XR650 last summer and rode it about 10 times, on trails in the mountains of Virginia and Here at home in Georgia. Its an awesome bike in this catagory. Then I started riding on a track with a 17 year old and quickly discovered that the weight, gearing and suspension just wasn't right for the task. With real hesitation I bought a YZ 426. I absolutly love this bike! The close ratio transmission is where its at, even, I think, on trails! Never going back to an XR! The YZ has MUCH more front wheel raising power!!!!!!!AWESOME BIKE!!!!

After another great day of track and hills I am more and more stoked on this choice. The yz426f is THE machine to beat. Sometimes I'm not sure who's riding who but if you can hang on you WILL make it to the top. I still haven't gotten into 4th...I'm sure there is a 4th gear but I haven't gone there in two rides...I hear tell that there's even a 5th!

Can't wait to find out. One thing is for sure, if you point it and goes...just make sure you have a good grip.


I hate to put it away...

yz426f...simply the best. (of course that's my opinion)

Happy Trails ;-)

Yeah, the way I see it, 5th gear is a right of passage on this bike. I hear Doug Dubach has been there!


like a kid again!

00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

83 YZ490

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)

By the way.....Im not a "junior member". How did that get attached to my member name? Im 39......Hmmmmm

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