98 YZ400 new to me and Forks are sagging

I got a 98 YZ400 for $900. It is a beast and i love it. I believe it to have been raced and set up well but neglected in recent years. I am 240lbs and the springs are a little soft. I ride mostly in tight woods ans single track but do jump it whenever i get to. The forks have about 2.5-3 inches of sag without me on the bike.

What caused this and how do i fix it in a cheap way?

Also, what should i do as far as preventive maitnence?

I change oil and clean/change filter every 2 rides and have already dealt with the drive chain adjusters. I sometimes hear a click in it when i crack it open at lower RPM.


What caused this and how do i fix it in a cheap way?

Replace the springs. Front and rear. The original springs were too soft for you when they were new.

What causes the sag without me on the bike? Are the springs just worn or is there another problem?

It's supposed to sag under its own weight, just not that much. The springs are to blame for it. Don't replace them with the original stock spring rates.

I am 230, cleared a double and landed long on mine and I thought I broke the bike in half, the springs are definetely soft on these.

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