Gas Mileage

I ride mostly desert, and I am wondering how many miles can be expected on the stock tank. Also, how many miles are you guys getting out of the oversize aftermarket tanks? By the way, I am running 92 octane pump fuel.

I sometimes also ride in the dunes and I usually get about 55-60 miles and that is riding all out.

Have Fun!

I get a pretty consistent 30 mpg, I once got just over 100 miles on my IMS tank, according to the race club anyway. My avg. speed was posted at around 34 mph.

I think the IMS is 3.2 or 3.3 gallons.

When my wife and I go on joy rides I can get about 60-70 miles on my stock tank. When I go with my buddies and rider harder I get about 50-60 miles out of it. I can easily ride a 60 minute grand prix without haveing to refuel. Not bad for only a two gallon tank.


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