This is a stupid question but i need help

Ok, i was about to order the acerbis pro rally barkbusters for my BRP today and saw that a mounting kit was available, is this something i need too? (told you it was a dumb question) Someone please help, i am really clueless about handguards. Thanx in advance, JR

Ah dude, I wish I knew but I don't know! I'm still using the stock stuff! :)

JR - You need the mounting kit if you have non standard bars like Renthal Fat Bars or ProTaper. The Rally Pros come with a mounting kit for the standard bar diameter. The kit should be around $15. You should also get the add on pieces that attach to the top of the guards for added protection. I got mine from Baja Designs. :)

No fatbars here, thanks thumpdaddy, time to get the credit card out.


I don't mean to try and talk you out of buying the hand guards, but I would not recommend them. I have seen them time after time bend and stick the throttle. They also add a good bit of weight and if you do fall on them they will likely bend on you. Then when that happens, either the clutch or brake levers don't work as they should.

Anyhow, as you can see I don't like them very much. I run the stock protectors and have never had a problem. Granted I live in the desert and don't really have any big trees to speak of, but I would think that if you are going to hit a tree with or without bark busters it is going to hurt both you and your bike.

Good luck and if you decide to buy them, be sure and locktite the mounting bolts on the bars as they also have a tendency to come loose and fall off.

A second opinion is always good, thanks for the input. I think where i ride, i usually end up hitting sub 2" trees that just hurt like a bugger and not usually alot of bigger ones, the throttle point is something i hadnt considered though.


I ride mostly desert (Ocotillo Wells)and was at Havasu with Rokatt last weekend. I can tell you that there may not be redwoods out there, but there certainly is sizeable brush and small trees with limbs that I seem to find. Without the guards it would be big pain. I am also proud to say that I have had a few tip overs and they have never bent although they have swiveled up. The screws have never come loose in the bar end or on the bracket mount on mine. For a clean installation, use a 7/8" butterfly wood bit to drill out the end of the grips. My 3 cents. :)

Maybe it is these southern latitudes that cause all of the havok then. I have had a friend of mine loose bolts like it is his job. He crashed once and the things bent in and his throttle was never the same again. Maybe it is just bad luck. We have lots of cactus down here and they can also be a nuisance, but nothing that the stock hand guards don't take care of.

Either way, I am sure that you will be in good shape. Just don't hit things or fall and you will be great.

Good luck.

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