Tech Question : Valves

I has a problem. Finally manned up and checked my valve clearences. I did just as the manual said:

* remove cam cover

* set to TDC (line up with the I mark)

* measure clearences.

Thing is, when I get it to TDC I can't get my feeler guages in either intake or exhaust cams. I have rotated it to all different positions. When I finally get a guage in the inlet side reads .19mm. when I finally get on in the inlet is about .8mm.

What am I doing wrong? the bike starts perfect. first kick.

Also, could loose valves be the cause of a top end rattle. It isn't at idle only sounds when its mid to high rev range (in netural).cheers guys! :excuseme:

are you at tdc on the compression stroke? good way to check is make sure the lobes on the cams point away from each other, and the dots on the front of the cams should be at the top and even with the top of the head. if that's all good, sounds like your valves are tight if you cant get the gauges under them, that would also cause some noise as well i would believe

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