Scratched Plastics - my fix

Well, I didn't want to buy new plastics, so I figured I'd try to fix my already trashed ones (couldn't make em worse!!)


Soldering iron

BBQ Teflon sheet -from camping shop

Step 1:

Heat up soldering iron

Step 2:

Place Teflon over scratch

Gently move soldering iron and Teflon back and forwards until scratch disappears !

It is a good fix for an ugly gash. It at least gets the WHITE from the scratch edges.

Not perfect but the easiest method I've found.

Works on light scratches too but you must keep the Teflon moving or it will heat up one spot too much and melt it too much.

Hope this helps.


A heat gun, or hair dryer will take the "white" out of the plastic also.


Pictures please!

(I'm very curious.)


Yes you are definately on to something. I would have to say that the hobbie heat gun is a better choice than the hair drier. I did a little test on a absolutly destroyed Yamaha side panel starting with a 100 grit wet sand and progressed upward twords 1000 grit wet. After a good cleaning, I stratigically hit her with some heat to bring back the gloss and get out the "whitening" of the plastic from bending. I'm working on figuring out the best polish method using compounds and buffing. I need to go buy a real "buffer" because a drill or grinder are too fast and create too much heat. The results are getting better. The yamaha panel was night and day. I can honestly say that for that panel it was not worth the time, but in due time and with some more testing I will figure out what the aftermarket plastic companies don't want to be common knowledge. Keep trying and share any success/tips.

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