2010 Rear break drags

My 2010 rear break drags so changed the fluid, and checked the break line for damage and rotor is straight,no built-up pressure in calaper HELP PLEASE

have you removed caliper?

are slides free and lubed?

does piston push back in easily?

are pads stock? Thats all I can think of now!

Is caliper torqued on properly/evenly? One pad moving further than other for some reason?

One pad will move further, because only one moves. The inner is fixed inthe caliper which is supposed to "float" on its guide pins.

Start by ensuring that the wheel is aligned correctly. The axle blocks should be fairly accurate IF you count the marks from back to front. If you count them from front to back, you'll be a whole mark off because the left block has a ledge on it that occludes the first mark on that side.

Second, be sure it's the brake dragging. Force the pads back with a screwdriver so that there is clearance, and see if the drag goes away.

Disk brakes do not "return". The pads are forced down against the rotor, and when released, the only thing that happens is that the pressure is taken off of them. When the rotor is perfectly flat, and the caliper mounted straight, etc., there will be a perceptible drag when turning the wheel, but it does not translate into anything significant in practical terms while underway. Any waves or wide spots in the rotor will cause the pads to spread open in a short time, and the result will be additional lever travel when the brake is reapplied.

I think this is a problem with the stock pads on the 10's I know of 3 bikes that have done this. I switched to ebc and it helped alot.

Thanks for the input guys. I am going to try new pads and lube the slides and see if that works

The slides should be clean, but lubed only with something dry that won't gather dirt.

The EBC pads did the trick no more drag Thanks alot guys

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