Taller seat

Anyone using taller seat foam? Reccomendations? I am looking for info on the, new to the mx industry, SDG; and CEET taller foam. I am 6'2' and plan on raising my bars as well. Taller guys, whats up?


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I have a taller seat foam. I have tried it in the garage without staples. For me it was verry tall, even a little to tall (I am 1 meter 87 tall.). It is about 2,5-3 cm (+/- 1 inch) taller then the original foam. I use the original seat foam insteed. I was afraid that the centre of gravity will become to high, and that this will be a disadvantage in corners. Maybe I will try on the track in the near future, then I will let you know.


For me being tall, it's the best thing I did to the bike. Have tried a tall/soft foam purchased from Devol, and a tall/medium purchased from Baja Designs. These are truely taller foams. Prefer the tall/medium for MX. You have to buy a seat cover to specifically to fit these foams.

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i use taller foam, but only on my cross country scoot. i'm 5' 11", and i find it saves mucho energy going from sitting to standing. over the course of a 2h race, it makes a difference.

my first one was from thumper racing, which i believe is made by guts. the quality of the foam was lousy, and it was way too soft.

my newest one is from ceet, and i have a tall buddy that also has one from ceet- i believe they call it the "high henry" replica. very firm, very nice. however, one thing i have found with both of these is that for some strange reason the profile is not the same as stock. if you look at a stock yz4xx saddle, the corners are very round, at least right behind the tank. for me, the square corners on the taller foam made it feel like i was riding a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood- on edge, and it made the bike turn like one, too.

soooo, i reshaped the foam to make it flatter front to back, and rounder in cross section where i sit most of the time. reshaping has also been a lesson-filled experience. believe it or not, i ultimately settled on using my 4" right angle grinder with a clean, new, standard hard grinding wheel. you have to exercise a light touch, to be sure, but it makes the best, smoothest cut of anything i have tried. it's a huge mess, of course, but well worth the effort in easier turning. i finish it off with sandpaper and fill any exposed bubble holes with silicon.

sorry this turned into such a dissertation, but i hope it helps.


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