Another Jetting "Q" ??? (Trying not to kick a dead horse!!)

I know that there have been several questions relating to proper jetting, but at the risk of running this into the ground I've gotta ask the guru's.

My bike,('03 WR 450), is bone stock. It seems to run kinda crappy through the middle of the throttle. It idles ok, but as soon as you try and just cruise down a dirt road it starts to surge and stutter. As soon as you hammer the throttle wide-open it runs fine. I'm planning on doing the free mods with the exception of the grey wire and was wondering what jetting others were runing for about 6,000 ft. elevation. I am planning on putting the GYT-R insert in, air-box baffle out and cutting the throttle stop. Can somebody give me a close set-up for jetting? Also would the James Dean kit give me everything I need to play with the jetting for this scenario?

Also on an unrelated note has anybody switched to a softer seat and which one did you go with?

One more for ya'...are there any decent handlebars that I could go to that aren't too expensive that would bolt into the stock bar clamps? Thanks again guys...Chuck :)

At 6000ft elevation you need to look into leaning the jetting. The stock jeting is usually lean enough, but the needle clip position can be set higher to lower the jetting and lean it down.

The jetting kit has a selection of needles and jets along with installation instructions for altitude and temperature. Everything is included except the tools, which are nothing out of the ordinary.


Thanks James...I'll be ordering within a couple of weeks.

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