ebatt battery cell

hello to all and any help will be greatly appreciated. have an ebatt 4-cell lithium battery. loved it until i left my headlight on and ran the battery dead:foul:. found the bad cell, removed it from the pack. checked with batteries plus and several places online. i can't find a replacement cell. the only number on it is pk08100701931. ebatt is no help anymore. any sugestions? jlow

I believe those should be A123 cells check ebay

So I have spent several days researching lithium batteries. Ebatt built his batteries with no-name cells. The cells that are rated the best are 26650 cells made by a123. K2 makes the second best cell. The problem is that there are a bunch of pirate cells coming out of china with fake labels under the a123 name. They are the ones on ebay so I have read. I want to use 4 of the same cells, not jjust replace 1 of them. Jlow

so i found the a123 cells i was looking for. i built an 8 cell pack using the leads and tabs from the ebatt battery. it isnt the prettiest solder job but hope it will work fine. will hopefully get to try it out soon. the packs you buy from the manufactured guys will be spot welded with a special tool. if you build one of these yourself, be very careful, the cells are dangerous when you get them hot with a solder gun. i wanted to post a pic but my computer skills are lacking on how to post to the site.jlow

i got to try starting the bike a couple of times. it cranks way better than with the stock battery or the ebatt 4-cell pack i fried. i havent got to take it riding to officially rate it yet but will in a couple of weeks. jlow

went riding on sunday. the battery worked flawlessly. i couldn't even describe how many times i fell over trying to climb to the top of these slick hills. used to with the stock battery and the ebatt 4-cell, the memory would reset on the trip computer/clock when the motor hit tdc and stopped against the compression. now even if it stops, the memory doesn't reset. love the 8-cell and can't wait to use it more. jlow

Does the bike feel lighter with the ebatt?

i am not a good enough rider to feel a weight differnce between the different batteries. the stock one weighed 4.6 lbs according to my very accurate refrigerant scales. the 4-cell ebatt was 1 lbs 1oz. with leads. i didn't weigh the 8-cell pack i built but will if i remove it this winter. i want to set up a connecter so i can pop the battery out quickly and store it inside for the winter months. jlow

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