woops, I posted in the wrong area people, my bad. I tried to delete the message but it wouldnt let me, sorry so here goes, im heading to spring creek(small area) to go riding tomorrow if anybody wants to go. its right at old town spring in case any body is interested, I will give directions if needed. Forloop, since your in houston you may know of a better place to ride, even if you dont want to go thats cool, I would be interested in going to new places just to ride trails that arent familiar. so if anybody wants to go riding tomorrow in houston, put a shout out and maybe we can meet up, otherwise, im heading out to Spring Creek tomorrow. l8r.

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I would like to ride some place this weekend. I not sure about the weather tomarrow though. I have not been to the spring creek riding area. In what part of town are you located? I live in Copperfield. There are some pretty good trail areas buy my house. I am normaly the only one there in the evenings.

Email me directly:




01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

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