Hard to start=Pop & crackle???

I have a 00'426 that is hard to start, I'm doing the right start-up but does not want to start. Then after about 20 kicks it starts, I let it warm up a min. with the choke on then I take the choke off and go for a easy ride off. Then I get all kinds of popping and crackling going on. My brother-in-law said he thought it was too lean thats why the trouble starting and then the popping & crackling. Any thoughts on this or anyone else having this or that have had this problem. THANX IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP!!! Hit-man

I had this problem on an older bike. turns out the header was loose on the head and the gaskets had burned off. it was running waaay too lean because of this and because the cold air was getting into the exhaust right at the head, it was popping like like crazy anytime I let off the throttle. Hope that helps, if not....sorry. :)

Aaron Z

2000 XR650R

yes but that doesn't explain the non starting bit.

pull your carb off & blow through every orofice.


What, you think it is a clogged carb.? Do you think it could be the jetting to lean? I'm just not very good with carb. work, I can work on them but to figure out the problems is my problem. HELP!!! Hit-man

An air leak anywhere in the intake can cause both symptoms. If you look closely at your intake from the air box to the cylinder head, you can easily see the many areas where air can get sucked in. Take your time and make sure everything is properly installed and sealed in these areas and you might realize the fruits of your efforts. I've walked in your shoes......exactly as you described.

Boit, Thanx alot for the info. I will check that out and let you know how I make out. Thanx again!!! Hit-man

retard you probly left it sitting. with shitty gas in it. abnd your jets have clogged. tear that carb apart and clean it!. unless you did something nasty to the motor. theres no other reason than a clogged carb.

You call me a retard, and look at your name (skinny wheat). What an #$%%$ hole and a ##%%$#& head. Thats all the time your worth!!! Hit-man

We really don't need stupid comments like "retard" on this forum. Can we get skinny wheat banned? Up until now the courtesy and intellegence level of this forum has been exemplary. It would be sad to see the goons take over.




Thats a good idea, I think everyone has been very nice on this forum, up until now. That was uncalled for by skinny wheat, and I should have an apology from him. But I will be the better man and I apologize for my %^$@@ hole and ##$!@! head, that was uncalled for but that ticked me a little bit. LATER DAYS!!! ~Hit-man~


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

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don't worry about skinnywheat if everyone just ignores him he "will" go away even if he doesn't i am sure the forum monitor wil BOOT him so he can go bug someone else.




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There will ALWAYS be people who enjoy stirring up the nest....just like the creeps who shoot people at schools. There is not much you can do. Ignoring the jerk worked for a while.

And cleaning the carb is an excellent starting point. It's pretty amazing how dirty these carbs get....especially at the accelerator pump diaphragm.

For a test....remove the bottom plate of the accellerator pump and notice the trash that has settled there. Mine was full of black particles of various sizes. Some were large enough to clog the emulsion tube and others were large enough to inhibit the action of the diaphragm itself.

As an aside.....for those who want to clean their carbs. Don't get alarmed when you use carb cleaner spray to clean the carb and the neoprene diaphragm shrivels up like a cauliflower. Just rinse it under a hot water and "Dawn" dishwasher wash/rinse and it will pop back into it's normal shape. I panicked when this happened to me about a year ago. I thought my bike was going to be down for a few weeks waiting on the carb diaphragm until I tried this hot water wash/rinse. Sometimes, things happen accidentily. What I learned mostly from this experience, is that one must take into consideration humidity when using certain chemicals. Carb cleaner leaves a moisture residue when it evaporates in certain environments. You gotta be careful and watch out for small droplets.

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[This message has been edited by Boit (edited 03-26-2001).]

OMG! you guys need to go ride more!!maybe the fumes from the race gas getting to ya..

dudes dont take it so seriously! i mean your gonna let someone you never met, piss you off in a NET forum??? HAHAHA o yea.. and even tho like 5+ ppl responded to that post did you get your answer? i bet if you wasnt sutch a hothead about it you would have by now! :)

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