Relocate carb vent hoses on WR450?

I am in the process of moving the head vent tube to the air box. Do I need to move the carb vent hoses also? If so, do you leave a loop or go straight up to top of air box? I have been getting into some deep mud/water lately and want to make sure I keep the motor dry. Thanks in advance.


Mike, Know the feeling. My rain gauge shows over 60" for the year here in N. Ga. I routed my engine breether hose to a T then one section into the airbox via a hole I drilled and the other section routed to allow any oil from the engine to drip on my chain. Just make sure you silicone seal around where you drilled. I also routed the upper carb vent hoses along both sides of the sub frame and into the top of the air box. Pretty easy and highly recommended as I found this bike doesn't like deep water crossings if the carb can't breeth. Good luck :)

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