Exhaust swap 08 yz450 to 08wr 450

I have a 2008 wr450 and I've done all the free mods ( except the grey wire ) and the put the Yamaha AIS removal kit on my bike. I picked up a used 08 pipe and header and the Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor end cap for a price that was to good to pass up. I thought that this would be a good compliment to the already done mods. Will this simply be a "bolt on" upgrade or is there anything else that I will need to do to the bike. I've searched around and the answers I've found are a little vague.

Thanks in advance for the help/answers.

The newbie...

Bolt right on :excuseme:

The jets supplied with the AIS removal kit should fatten it up enough to run that pipe, I'm running an FMF system sized for the YZ with the AIS supplied jets and it's fine....

If the header gets too red too quickly or you are popping on decel you can richen it up...there is also a perfromance sticky at the top of the forum on how to size yout pilot using the fuel screw method...

You won't hurt anything just note that you will want to look for signs that you might be to lean.

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