*** Utah riders - Upcoming Ride Schedule ***

*** Utah riders - Upcoming Ride Schedule ***

Everybody who's in let me know. Here are the rides we are planning for the next 3 weekends...

Saturday the 12th: Stansbury 8:30am

Saturday the 19th: Hobble Creek 8:30am

Friday/Saturday the 25th/26th: Logan Canyon (details coming)

Post a message here if you'd like to join us.


Count me in for this Saturday. :)

SWEET! I just got on to post about this. I'm in for the 12th and the 26th. On the 19th I'll be in yellowstone or I'd come on that one as well. I didn't get out riding on my wr this weekend, and I'm wishing I did. I can't complain too much though. :D :D I did get to go street riding for the first time on a new R1. :)anim-jjd.gif


I'm in for the 12th. I'm also interested in the others especially Logan but will have to get back with you on that one.


Is there any way we could push this saturday's ride up an hour? I've got someone who wants to come, but he has to be back by noon. Could we meet at the trail at 7:30 instead? It would be a little cooler too...

Hey Chris,

7:30 is too early for me. I'd have to before 6:00am on a Saturday :)... We usually do the loop twice. How about your friend bails out after one loop -or- the two of you start an hour early, we'll bump into each other on the trail and meet up.

- Eric

Ok. He may have to bail after one loop, but that's ok. I'm in for both :) and hopefully I'll do better this time. :D

Alright you SLC guys...I'm going to be in SLC for two days of riding, the first weekend in August. I'm planning on riding American Fork canyon the afternoon/evening of August 1st (Friday) and then the Stansbury Front trail the morning of August 2nd (Saturday.) I would LOVE to hook up with some/all of you guys while I'm there.

ddialogue - Count on it :D I have it marked on my calendar, I have not been up American Fork yet this year and this would be a good time. :)

I was told that most of AF canyon is now closed to ohv's. 85% of the trails to be exact. I'd like to come with ya'all though, wherever you want to go! :)

Somebody did post that the trails were closed. We checked with the Forrest Service office & they said it was fine to ride. We've been riding weekly for 4-5 weeks, usually 6:00am so we can get to work on time.

Sounds fun, I'll see what I can do. I have a brand new baby so right now I'm at the mercy of both mom & son a little more than normal but I'll try. Actually I have a family reunion that Saturday so that's out but I'll see what happens for Friday. Let me know what time you are thinking of for Friday.


American Fork canyon trails are open to OHV's until January 1, 2004. After that, the west side of the mountain range will be closed but the east side will remain open to OHV's. We will still be able to park at Tibble Fork and ride our dual-sported bikes 5-6 miles up the dirt road and pick up the trail at that point. I haven't ridden the east side yet, but I hear there is some fantastic riding there.

PEDMAN and LIVE_TO_RIDE: PM or email me with your email address and I'll give you details when the time gets closer.

Hey Eric,

Can you make the ride on Friday in Aug. up AM Fork with ddialogue and I and anyone else? You did promise me a ride on Timp :)

Dave, Dan, Bill, Chris... I'm in for AF canyon on August 1st. Post the ride details here or email them to me at esmith@dsidata.net

*** Everybody who's coming this Saturday to ride stansbury... we will be meeting at the same place as before. Grantsville on the corner of Mack's canyon road and HWY138. Call me on my cell phone if you get lost or need more instructions -- 801-836-5246.

I just remembered I've got a CPE course I have to take on Friday the 1st so probably won't be able to swing the American Fork ride. Too bad, I was looking forward to hooking up with you guys for this ride. Post the ride time here when you know, if it is in the evening I may still be able make it.



Where is the same place? :) BTW,I may have another one or two riders with me.

Here are the directions:

Make your way to Grantsville from I-80. Just barely out of Grantsville on Hwy 138 (northwest of town) there is a road called Macks Canyon Road heading west. We'll meet at 10:00am right at the Max Canyon Road and Hwy 138 intersection (don't drive up Macks Canyon road - let's meet at the intersection). Here's a map to get you to Grantsville


Call me on my cell at 801-836-5246 if you get lost.

- Eric

I thought we were meeting at 8:30?

I'm also in for august 1st. :D :D


Chris - you're right... we're meeting at 8:30am NOT 10:00am. I didn't notice that when I cut&pasted the directions from a previous post.

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