*** Utah riders - Upcoming Ride Schedule ***

Bill - we're meeting at 8:30am and not 10:00am...

Makes me happy too I am all set for 8:30 but would've been hard pressed to make 10:00 work. See you there!


8:30 it is.... :D :D :):D

Ok, we going to logan canyon saturday? :)

Anyone want to go back to hobble creek?


This weekend is bad, but the Hobble Creek ride, we need to do this again. :D:):D

ddialogue, we were talking after our ride last weekend up at Hobble Creek and if you like Stansbury, we believe that you will like Hobble Creek better. We found single track trails that are actually part of the Great Western Trail.

I am still in for next Friday where ever we go. Chris hope you can make it too and anyone else. should be a great time :D :D :D

Pedman, Live_to_Ride, MrMoto,

We are definitely ON for the first weekend of August. Tentatively I was planning on an afternoon/evening ride to AF canyon on Friday and a Stansbury Front ride on Saturday. However, after following the posts about Hobble Creek I would love to make that ride...but it would need to be on Saturday. Would that be a problem? The only reason I'm cutting Friday short is because I want to ride with my Bro (N7SLC) and he has to work Friday. I'm coming down on Thursday night and could do a Friday ride as long as I could make it back to hook up for the AF ride in the afternoon. Most importantly, though...is that I'll be as flexible as possible since I'm really looking forward to hooking up with you guys. :):D


Eric is in Idaho now mapping a ride in the Pocatello area at this time. We will have alot of discussions next week. Lets keep in touch, looking forward to the ride... :)

So... are we going for a ride this weekend? I would love to go out on saturday and sunday if there is anyone to ride with. Let's make it happen!! :)


Chris - A friend and me might be going out to Five-Mile Pass tomorrow morning. About 9:00.


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