Differences between 07 450 and 2011 450?

im looking for a slightly lighter race bike and am set on jumping ship back to a wr450. my 2005 525exc is great fun bike to ride but in races i know im faster on a wr450. i have done my searching but no luck. my last wr450 was a 2004.

2007- first year of aluminum frame, new engine?

2008- BNG?

2009- BNG?

2010- changes?

2011- BNG?

please fill me in. i can smell blue but need to know what lightly used year model i should be looking for.

thank you

thank you. the link was helpful.

but its missing the 2010 wr450 and 2008 doesn't say if it is changed from 07 (im assuming it wasn't changed at all).

07-08-09 all the same and 2010-11 new?

I know of no changes on the WR-450F from 2007 to 2011 models, other than decals and price, so from 2007 and up, it's the same machine.

There was no 2010 model sold in the USA.

08 got black paint on the c/case covers

All exactly the same bike minus cosmetic changes.

Which series are you racing ?

Yep, the numbers on the tag are the main diff at my local dealers. Still a few years-old WR on the floor.

that is good to know.

there are some good deals on 07-08 bikes!!

i race all the island off-road events and some of the PNWMA events.

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