Wildlife Encounters - Post Yours Here

Whitetail Deer

Eastern Wild Turkeys


Cottontail rabbits


Ferrel Hogs



Foxes - Red and Gray

Various Snakes, Nice and not nice.

Lots of Hawks and Owls

And about 10,000 Cows

Lots of critters on the land that we ride and hunt most.


This past spring I was riding out in the mountains with my son and we were really ripping down a long valley, when I came around a corner in 4th gear doing mach 4 with myhair on fire to find a very stupid white tail doe standing across the trail looking in our direction. I immediately slammed on the brakes and we both met broadside....Unfortunitly for the deer she was knocked down during the altercation and branded across the right flank by my header. I had never heard a deer scream, but this one let out a giant one. I quickly go off the animal and got the bike off of her.....She laid there for about a minute before she managed to get to her feet and hobble away. No damage to the bike and a couple of guys that were in the area razzed me pretty good because I sat in a tree for 6 days this past deer season and didn't see as much as a mole the entire time. I did see her again a few weeks ago while out practicing...again watching the trail...but this time from a somewhat safer vantage point.....

We run across copperheads, rattlers and king snakes all the time out on the trail. My son always backs off of me in the sunny areas cause he afraid I'm gonna kick a snake up in his face...... Got close a couple of times, but man the kid has got good reflexes.....

Bonzai :)

As an after thought; I on ride alone on ocaison and worry more about the poeple I might run into out in the wild than any form of wildlife.

This quote comes from my experience of running into a couple guys who had too much beer and loaded guns, not a fun time.

i've seen deer, turkey and the occasional fox squirrel {imagine your local squirrel x3!} while riding here in South Carolina.

But the best one happened when 2 friends and I were riding down a trail, about 4 feet between each bike. As we rounded a corner, there he was. He was a black King snake. King snakes eat Eastern Diamondbacks. He was about 7ft long, and had a full belly. He was about a foot around at the thickest.

As the first bike passed quickly, he raised his head in suprise. As the second bike ran over his tail, he struck at the rear tire. Before MY bike passed, he decided to cross the trail at a diagonal. As MY bike ran over his full belly, I learned that while there are few things slicker than a wet bare pine root at an angle, King snakes provide remarkably little traction and should be on that list!! The front tire rolled to the side, the rear tire did something, I dont remember exactly what. I was very busy maintaining control of direction and other bodily functions. I did not want to lay it down there!! 15 yards down the trail, no problem, BUT NOT THERE!!!

I am presently waiting to run over an Eastern Diamondback and an alligator, so I can publish a treatise on friction coeffcients of reptiles, and the knobbies that have the best grip.

Great thread idea!!!


I was almost shot in a similar situation, way scarier than any of my wild life encounters. :)

Oh, and I forgot to tell about the day some new clubmembers came out to a hare scramble site to clear trail and hang arrows. I had gotten there early to set up camp. They came rolling up late, to be greeted by my Timberwolf{75%}Shepherd{25%}hybrid. Never saw folks climb into a truck so fast!!!


in colorado on my cousin's yz250 smoker we were doing these 2 foot stream crossings and i was just trying to do these wheelies through them in 2nd gear and somehow a fish managed to get lodged inbetween the carb and the case... pretty weird so we gutted the sucker and put him on hte header pipe on his yz400.. didnt cook to well as the inside was burnt to a crisp and the outside was raw .. and then out in pismo my friend and me were drag racing up and down the beach side when all of a sudden bam a seagull runs right into my friends number plate the number plate bent a little and the little arm in hte back of the number plate snapped off so the wind picked it up and the whole thing flew off.. little bird should have known not to mess with yamahas :):D :D

I've only seen some deer,wild pigs and snakes.I'm glad i haven't seen the Mountain lions being as big as i am they may see me as food for a month. :)

Over the weekend seen the most beautifulist whitetail deer. It was about a ten point, 210 lbs. In velvet with a drop tine. Stood in the back-road for a good while, so I got a good look at it before running off. Love putting the miles on my wr450. :)

Like many others have seen much of the wildlife native to the area. But have only had close encounters with Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, 1 scared Black Bear, and many wabbits, chipmunks and squirrels, and occassional coyote.

Last summer on a street bike ride with the spousal unit, her on her own bike...when I came around a corner there were two Ravens eating on carrion...they took off, I slowed and moved slightly to the left....one of the ravens did an about face...headed straight for my head....ducked my head down, made solid contact...wife saw feathes and guts and blood explode :D...fortunately they all belonded to the raven....no doubt in my mind that had I not ducked I would have been cleaned off the bike. :) Had a very sore neck and took an hour to clean up the helmet....what a friggin mess. :D It also cracked the plastic on the windshield around the mounting holes. Had just replaced the windshield from a trip the previous fall where excess speed had caused spider cracks to that shield. Keepin this one for awhile. You know Mr. Murphy is just waiting for me to change it!!! :D :D

Lots of big animals up here. Nomadak is right about the moose. You do not want to mess with them. They are worse the the bears. There is also lots of Bald Eagles. They are prety cool to watch fly. I've had no close encounters on the motor bike but lots on my mountian bike. It just doesn't make enough noise. There was a guy on a harley last year that swerved to miss a cow moose crossing the highway and hit here calf. After he sled down the pavement awhile the cow moose came over and stomped the tar out of him for hittig her calf.

While riding power lines one day by myself, encountered a couple of hill billies half drunk and packing pistols - not the best senario. They threatened to shoot me if I didn't get off their land. Every since, been riding with a titanium S&W revolver in my hydration pack. :)

I came around a corner on the trail last thursday and a badger was running at me in the middle of the trail. He turned and ran away from me then 15 yards or so from him he stopped, turned around and bowed up on me. I wheelied over him. He lay lifeless in the middle of the trail. My buddy came around the corner, the badger took off after him then bailed into the creek just before he got to him.

Those things are frickin' MEAN!!


Saw a pair of hawks picking the carcas of a wild squirrel clean over the weekend.they wouldn't abandon that feast till my front tire was almost up their a$$ :D Other than that just deer, chipmonks, foxes and maybe some small snakes.

Smoke :)

The occasional frenchman!! ....I'm British, live in Switzerland & ride in France!

Apart from that a few foxes, chamois, deer, of varying sizes & color and ....horses. There are a lot of open trails anyone (can) use and I have been confronted numerous times on blind corners with horse+rider coming (slowly) my way :) and me going (faster) their way. Needless to say its not that enjoyable for any of us and I have learned t slow down some.

So far I havent taken anything out on my WR but I'm expecting to stick a star on my shrouds one of these days...

....I did hit a chicken on my moped once...looked like I ran into a down pillow....POOOFFF!!

oh yeah....how could I forget....numerous ants, beetles, woodlice etc up close and personal!


This is just one of the latest trail side critters I have run across

I saw 2 fat naked lesbians sitting on a rock.

How were you certain that they were carpet munchers?

If you offered your services, and they refused, I'd say they were lesbo's too!


I used to see spotted owls until the capitalist lumber whores cut all the red wood trees down.

Now All i see are dead people

One day while riding near Florance Idaho I was motoring down this trail and notice these little puffs of dust every 4 feet or so, strange I thought. I came to a clearing and I spotted the critter responcible for the dust, we saw each other about the same time. I was a Badger!! It turn toward me and beared it's teeth. I am thinking "Oh Sh_t". About that time it turned and continued to run down the trail. I followed it (at a distance) for a mile or so until we came to the next clear cut. Those Badgers can run pretty fast.

Other encounters include being surronded by a heard of Elk in the Gifford-Pinchot NF, numorous encounters with Bear's, had a Deer come up to me and a bud at Mad River once, it was so close I actually petted it, a friend about got ran over once by a family of Mountain Goats while riding in the Gifford_Pinchot NF, I got attacked by a Grouse once at Walker Valley it flew up and beat me on the helmet when I went by his favorite log, had a Big Horn Sheep follow us around on a hillside in the Salmon River canyon once every time we would stop here she came checking us out, on and on. GR

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