Wildlife Encounters - Post Yours Here

They were embracing.

My luck only goes so far. I would have liked good looking lesbos but I only got fat ones.

Did you now Spotted Owl tastes like ckicken?


We saw a couple of bucks on our PacNW TT ride last weekend. There were 5 of us on the ride on Sunday. We stopped for about 5 minutes and just watched them. Both bucks were at least 8-points.

Picture of one of the Bucks

I also saw a rabbit on Sunday. The little guy ran out on the trail in front of me and then refused to give up the trail! :) He stayed in front (leisurely 2nd gear pace) for about 100 feet before he finally disappeared off to the side.

The other animals I saw were the 16 humanoids I saw at camp at the beginning of the ride. :D

I was riding very close to the tooele area. Right near the lake. The first freeway exit after the main tooele exit.....

Anyway, I was riding my YZ, minding my own business. There are salt flats in the area with dirt areas rising 10 or 15 feet out of the flats.

I jumped over one and lit within 20 feet of at least 100 "naturalists". Apparently, this was some sort of naked convention.

I do not believe anyone in the group was under 350 lbs. None were under the age of 60. I darn near went blind from the incident.

If your ever riding in this area, please use caution. :)

On my bush ride on Sunday, bunch of local tribesmen flag us down, tell us there is a huge snake down one of the paths. Want us to catch it and take it away. Zulus hate snakes, scared as [@#$%&*!] of them, strange you would think living in the bush all their lives it wouldnt be a problem.

We arrive at the scene, there are about 30 of them around this 10ft+ african rock python. Huge commotion going on. Fortunately they have not hurt it. Anyway, I manage to grab it by the neck (seen it done on TV, thought I'd give it a try) nasty sucker tries to bite me but he cannot reach my arm. A friend and I pull it out the bush. The locals went wild, you would swear I just caught a full grown lion the way they were in awe. I would have given autographs if my hands werent full of a 10ft python (damn, those snakes stink - even after washing my riding kit it still hones).

We managed to bag it, and told one of the guys with an old clapped out van to bring it to where our vehicles were parked (it was too big to carry on the bike). Unfortunately, he never arrived, hope they did not decide to kill it, for medicine (mooty, as they call it). We waited for a while at our vehicle parking area and then left as it was already dark. Dont know what the poor snakes outcome was.

We could not have just left it where it was, as the locals would have eventually killed it. We did try to convince them to let it be, but they insisted they wanted it moved. They feared it would kill their small livestock, or at worst a very small child. Plus they are quite superstitious.

Ah well, hope the poor snake made it. :)

Cannon, I hope you didn't get downwind.

That must have been some sight! :)


Crykey! I bet that snake was beautiful. It's a shame the locals agetated it. :)

WOW some of you have been lucky to see such cool animals!!

hers my list

mom pig with many babies

big boars


red fox

rattle snakes - one in particular - my buddy went by him on the trail first - that pissed him off - when I got to him he leeped up at me - mouth open - looking to bite me - I jerked my leg up and rode by.

Got shot at once while riding though a Indian reservation - that was wild.


I was riding deep in the forrest one day, many, many years ago and ran across a very rare (Well rare in those days)

A Long Red Frazzled haired Spike Nosed Yellow Toothed Amazon Arm Pit Hair Tree Huggin Ugly Greenie Morhpidite, Scientifically called Wackous Sipholitus Greenious


The whole thing (no pun intended) was horrifying.

I would describe it like this. The next time your at Wal-Mart, imagine everyone in the store naked. Subtract the 2 beautiful girls. This is what I was forced to look at.

The next time your at Wal-Mart, imagine everyone in the store naked.


Ok, enough of that. Lunch wasn't that long ago and I don't wanna lose it. :)

I went to Pismo beach july 23 thru 27 and had a blast most of the trip but when wide open 4th gear and a Seagull hits you square in the chest you know what happens?


Just This past weekend I had a herd +/- 30 Gazelle (Springbok) crossing my path during the Time trial for an off road race, didnt have time to stop and look, but the Thunder Alley keeps them at distance.

We see a lot of Game and wildlife over the years mainly small Buck and a lot of Baboons when riding in the Forests. :)


What part of SA are you from? :)

Aside from all the usual critters(Kangaroos, Wombats, Echidnas)that I usualy see. I was out for the morning by myself(don't these stories always start like this)and on a particulary steep down hill(read too steep to even contemplate stopping) saw a Copperhead snake crossing the rut I was in. Being [@#$%&*!] scared of snakes in general and with out the option of stopping I took the only other option and gassed it up. Whilst in the midst of trying to control the beast I looked over my shoulder to see the snake flick up 3metres into the air and spent the rest of the down hill hoping that it hadn't landed on my back guard(impossible I know). When I stopped to recover at the bottom I was sitting in the middle of an intersection and saw a Black Snake heading towards me, by this time I was a bit sick of the snakes and decding to head back to the car I set of slowly scanning the ground for snakes thinking every shiny looking stick was moving infront of me. Coming around a corner to have a Wallaby jump accross the track in front of me slowed the pace even more until I decided that more noise might mean less critters. Next corner a 2.5m long Goanna (Monitor Lizard) walking across the trail. More noise. 1/2 a K later 1 Wedge Tailed Eagle sitting in the middle of the trail (probably eating a snake) launched just intime for me to scoot under him hard on the brakes. Needless to say it was a nervous trip the rest of the way back to the car and I havn't frequented that section of trails in the last little while.

I used to ride in a sand pit near River Beudet Quebec and

there would always be some nude sun bathers. Not the big fat kind, but some pretty good looking french Canada girls.

Too bad they closed that area. :)

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