How to jump a thumper!


I have been riding for many years but the WR450 is my first four stroke. I must say that I love this bike - especially the motor. No more fanning the clutch like a mad man to control wheel spin.

However, there is one thing I have yet to master. I can't jump this beast! As an old 2-smoke rider, I used to always get on the throttle hard to compress the rear suspension. Then just as I would come of the jump, I'd let off the throttle so I could get that extra little hop as the rear suspension uncoiled.

Well, no surprise, but this is a recipe for disaster on a thumper from what I can tell. Whenever I try this, the front end nose dives - from the strong braking effect of the engine I assume. :)

So, what's the preferred technique to over come this?

Thanks. :D

It could be that you are rolling off of the throttle too fast from my first guess.

And who said locomotives could not fly? :)

Consistant throttle on takeoff is what works for me. I'm no Freestyle jumper, but 60-70 footers are a piece of cake on the WR.


Well ,I ride a WR 250F but I think the jumping technique is pretty close for our bikes. Definitely do not let off the throttle like a 2-stroke(I mean-smoke).Keep a steady throttle up the face of the jump, and how much throttle to apply depends on how far you want to go, especially on your 450. I have to hit some jumps pretty hard in 3rd gear to clear them. Don't have the nards for a 4th gear try.

And I like to say 'Don't blip or you'll flip'.

On a 2-smoke you can 'blip' the throttle right at the peak of the takeoff ,and this helps keep the front end up.You might be able to do it on a 4-stroke in some situations but I would'nt rely on it.

Get Gary Baileys' 'How to Flow Like a Pro', and watch it over and over .Proper body positioning will save you a lot of jumping errors.

Good advice, Pit_Man! :)

i just keep the throttle open at around 3/4up the whole jump face 4th gear lean back a little and last time in mojave i jumped 90 feet but the landing was a little harsh :):D

Same as above, except I don't lean back, I center my weight over the bars, almost leaning foreward. let momentum get you over the jump, once you get the hang of it all you have to do is hold on. :)

I just throttle hard up the face of the jump and that launches me straight into the air. The harder you twist, the farther you will go :). Do not chop the throttle completely in the air :D, just let off and wait till wheel contact then twist hard.

Smoke :D

I dont jump huge distances like some of the other members :D here but I find that constant acceleration with the throttle up the face and through the jump until the landing has been absorbed. This means mid rpm launches with no down shift and full rpm landings. I also have to put my weight back a little further than I did on my 2 smoke. You do not want to miss a down shift in the air on this bike. :)

Great advice guys. I'll definitely try these suggestions next time I'm out on the trail. I'll let you know if I'm successful, or end up being a dirt surfer! :)

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