OT: 03 Yamaha Blaster questions

No, I haven't sold out. Try as I might, I wasn't successful in getting the woman of the house on a bike. So I bought her a new Blaster. It's a fun little quad but I know there is a lot of un-tapped potential there as well. Not EX400 eating potential. I'm thinking something along the lines of WR free mods to start with.

The 03 is a little improved over the prior years but I think basic engine stuff is the same. What can be done to get a little more power out of it? What is all that stuff on top of the carb? Is there a TT type site that deals with the Blaster?

Thanks in advance

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I found this site that deals with atv's, and they seem to have some fairly good info - http://forums.atvconnection.com. The first thing I would change would be the air filter and maybe the pipe/silencer. You may be able to remove the air box lid, and then re-jet it. The stuff on top of the carb is a throttle position type sensor, and I believe it is there to prevent over-reving. If you do get a new air-filter, don't change to a slip-on type (i.e. get rid of the factory box). When I worked at a motorcycle shop in college we would get blasters in all the time blown-up from people using those filters and going to the sand dunes.

The blaster is a pretty good little machine, and you shouldn't have problems with it since you bought it new. Have fun!


Thanks, that's a start. I'm hoping to do little cheap stuff first. I want to make sure it stays easy to ride for her. If it's loud and peaky she may get discouraged.

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Exactly. I purchased a Polaris trailblazer for my wife for the same reason - easy to ride, but not powerful enough to scare her away. I thought about putting a pipe on it and stuff like that so it would be able to pull paddles in the sand, but if I did that everyone would want to ride it!

www.bluetraxx.com (Click FORUMS in the blue on the left, then go down and click blaster.


I just got my First YZ (a 1999 400F) Thursday. I have been on a Yamaha Warrior (4-stroke 350 Quad) since last Sept. Bluetraxx is a Premier Yamaha quad site with excellent tips and knowledge, Just wish I could get the free mod info for my YZ here on TT as easily. I'm still learning the TT site.

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