Coming Clean on the ManBoob scene....

You guys have been having a fair amount of fun with my avitar, but I think the time has come to let the cat out of the bag.

A week or so ago, EGO was on the brink of his 5,000 post, and he had forecasted that the magic post might happen at 1 pm.

So, a couple of "users" and I were having some fun, and we copied EGO's avatar, and were running it as our own. Many of you may have seen us flying his colors.

It was some simple fun, and I thought that we may be able to antagonize EGO into posting before his scheduled appearance. It did not work, and EGO made his scheduled appearance right on time, and then he checked out.

But, something funny happened along the way.....

As we were trying to antagonize him into posting early, he was blowing us off. Would not respond, but he was watching!

So, I log on to see if he has responded to our banter, and he had switched out the photo that resided at the URL "address" that we had copied for his avitar. Instead of seeing this:


I log on, and I see this: (EGO HAS STRUCK AGAIN! EGO LIVES! Below photos is *supposed* to be the man-boob photo, but here I log on, and the photo has been changed again! How ya doin' EGO? :) )


Who is making fun of who, and who is getting the last laugh? I contend that EGO took our ribbing in stride, and he "snaffued" us (me in particular) pretty good, so I felt that I had to leave it.

We were joking with him, and he joked us right back.

Ain't me in the picture, could be him; either way I thought it was funny as hell.

I enjoyed it, and I hope you all did too.


My ignorance might be shining through here, but I dont see a difference in the 2 avatars.

BTW: I like the new pic Brandon! :)

..and thanks for the good laughs we had over it.

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