oil filter

How often do you need to change it? Where cna i buy some extras???

How do i flush it out with gas?? just take it out without even draining the oil?? As you can see i know nothing about this thing. tahnks

Did you get a manual with your bike?

Ya i did. Don't tell me it says how to do it. IT does well that shows you how lazy i am. thanks

You can reuse your stock filter about five times or so. Just flush it out with gas after each use. Be careful to only hold it by the ends though, the mesh screen is fragile and easily tears. Replacements cost is about $10-$15 from the dealer. Scotts Racing sells stainless steel filters for about $70 (www.scottsonline.com/indexmain.html) These filters are supposed to last forever.

I use a small jar that I fill with gas then I just drop my filter into it, put the lid on and shake it up! Before I take it out, I make sure that it is turned upside down (inlet hole facing down) and I swirl it around in the jar to make sure all the tiny metal shavings come out of it. Then I use an air hose to blow it out. Be careful with the air pressure so as not to damage the filter! Some guys on this board have said that they take the rubber pieces off the filter before flushing so you don't damage the rubber. I have always left them on and have never experienced any problems. Also, I run Mobil 1 15-50w synthetic oil in my 99 YZ 400 it works great! Many use it with good results.

I also put some gas in a jar, Skippy Peanut butter, put my finger in the filter opening and swissh it around. I make every effort not to allow the junk particles to get inside the filter. I then spray some Fantastic on it and rinse with water from the inside out. Finally I displace the water with WD-40 (some say this is a product developed by the military and stands for water displacement 40)and blot it dry ready for use again.

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