little help dialing in my 2007 yz450f

im an A level mxer living in the new england area, trying to tune this bike (2007 yz450f). everything is stock! would like some helpful hints in set up and tuning. thank you,

Raise the forks 5mm so that the the line is even with the top of the the clamps and set the rear sag a 95mm. I run a 50 tooth rear sprockete. An aftermarket exaust will boost bottom end, I run a WB alumpro2. I also did the Oring mod to the accelerator pump. But, Your an A level Mxer, how do you set up your bike?

im an A level mxer living in the new england area, trying to tune this bike (2007 yz450f). everything is stock! would like some helpful hints in set up and tuning. thank you,

If you're an expert "A" lever rider why do you need to ask on the internet how to set up a bike ? :p

IF you truly are an "A" rider, you should be helping us with advice on setups....

I agree with the raising forks 5mm and I also found 95mm of sag to work really well overall. I reduced rebound in the forks a couple of clicks. Run a good front tire, I am using an MX51 right now and it works good.

family man, i appreciate your feedback. i am new to this bike, due to taking 2 years off with injury. i agree with your suggestions, just not familiar with the o-ring mod to the accelerator pump. if you could elaborate on that a little more it would be great.

polar_bus, we are all on this site to help one another despite our level of riding. everyone has different likes on how they set up their bikes and like i said i am new to the bike (2 rides). all i am asking is if there is a hint other than the obvius set-up like the o-ring mod? i cant exactly tell you how to set up your bike unless we are at the track together and we spent some time dialing it in. thanks for your criticism and any time you want to race. let me know!

idahoexcr500, thank you i will try the sag change, i now have 102mm of sag and it might make a difference. thanks for the tire sugg. i know it is allways key to have good tires ( fresh tires). i'll check out the mx51

+1 for the MX51, I really dont think there is a better tire out right now. I have about a grand in used tires in the garage from the past 2 years (save them for the teens in my neighborhood), I like the mx51's the best.

Well come back to riding, BTW

The oring mod can be found with the search feature, with pictures. Or in the jetting section. Its pretty easy and will help if you have a bog off idle. Like when you bat the throttle out of a corner to clear a jump. I did have a bog, it worked for me, and its less obtrusive than the safety wire method. If for some reason you didnt like the mod you could just take the oring back off. Oh stay away form the aluminum pilot fuel screws too. Waste of money. I bought a one and it was 1/8 of an inch shorter than the stocker. P.O.S. the bike wouldnt even start with out about 50 kicks and a couple of backfires, ran like poo too. The stock fuel screw is the way to go.

Yeah tire choice is important but you allready know that. The 07 does great everywhere except tight corners, when compared to other bikes it is noticeable. But overall its a great bike. Rassing the forks 10mm would probley be the way to go for tight tracks. Play around with it some people rune them 7mm etc.

And Put and oring chain on it, I like the one GReyracer513 recommends, Regina 0rn6.

And Put and oring chain on it, I like the one GReyracer513 recommends, Regina 0rn6.

I was not at all impressed with the Regina ORN6 chain. It was pretty much trashed in 35 hrs of hard MX use. I'm going back to the DID X-Ring. I am running MX51 tires and have been very happy with them.

dvn thats odd. they last a long time for me. What sprocket were you running?

The two best ways to shorten the life of an ORN6, or any other sealed chain are to never lube the out side of it and to pressure wash it. Even though the lube is sealed into the chain, and lube applied to the outside can't get inside, the outer rollers still need some lube, and the exposed surfaces of the O-rings need to be lubed where they bear on the plates. Use a chain lube that dries to a very low tack and apply it 10 hours before riding to reduce the amount of dirt the lube picks up.

When washing, avoid spraying the chain at an angle that exposes the seals to the direct spray of water. Spray the chain straight from the sides only, and back up a bit. Otherwise, you run the risk of driving water and dirt under the seals, contaminating the lube.

I run the ORN6, and I get over a year's worth of desert riding/racing from them.

thanks for the help! i was also wondering about those power now peices that go in the carb and intake? do they really work? give me your input thanks

They're effective in helping a 250F get from idle to half throttle, but they don't do much for a 450, really.

thanks, i hear alot about them and was just wondering? i think i am going to mess around with the leak jet instead of doing the o-ring mod. give me your thoughts on that if i should just try the oring mod or try to play with jets? thanks

Does your bike have some performance problem that you think is related to the accelerator pump? Describe the problem, if so.

hi, when i land from a jump and hit the throttle it seems to hesitate. also when i hit the throttle in the corner it seems to do the same thing. i am riding on saturday and will pay more attention to it to try and be a little more precise on the problem.

There is some room for improvement with the stock jetting and set up of the pump, but a lot of the time correcting the pump timing and getting the jetting right will eliminate the real need for any mods to the pump.

But what also plays a part is your technique in opening the throttle. A lot of people raised on two strokes have never learned anything but to snap the throttle open as suddenly as possible. I learned to ride big singles when they had no accelerator pumps, and we learned to roll the throttle open in a quick, but progressive and smooth motion, as fast as the engine would take it.

If you think after trying to master this kind of thing that your bike is still unreasonably hesitant, there are things that can be done about it, and most of them are simple, inexpensive, workmanlike, and reversible. But try to retrain yourself first if you are a throttle snapper. You'll be surprised.

thanks, i'll be out on the track tomarrow and get back with some input. thanks again

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