Subframe bolts stripping?

I was just reading the FAQ page about XR650's at . They said the "subframe bolts" should be replaced because they can tend to loosen and spin in the frame. Does anyone know if the "subframe" refers to the engine protector that is bolted onto the frame? Has anyone done this or had the stripping problem? In the instructions for how to deal with it is says- "get a long bolt of high grade (8.8-9.8) that fits. Screw a nut about 3/4" onto this bolt, then add a washer and then thread it fully into the fitting. Screw the nut and washer down to the insert and crank it down while holding the bolt from turning with another wrench. This will clamp the fitting down on the aluminum subframe thoroughly." I'm assuming that after you do this you take the bolt out, that you only need to use it to squash the fitting into place?

I'm on the XR650L, would it be the same as on the XR650R?



Hey Sean,

From what I understand this is only a problem with the aluminum frame Hondas. As your XR 650 L has a steel frame, you shouldn't have to worry about this. :)

Can anyone else confirm this?

I thought the subframe bolt in question was the one under the seat. It's a single nut, and falls off easily. Mine was missing when I bought my bike, but got another one at the hardware store and put blue loctite on it. Now it's fixed.

If you're talking about the 650L, then there's no problems to report.

The thing that protects the engine is the skidplate and doesn't have a problem as far as I know. :)

P.S. I just learned what bolts you are talking about. Yes, those consist of inserts pressed into the aluminum subframe and they can spin.. I guess. Mine haven't done that however. Also this only refers to the 650R not the 650L.

My exhaust side number plate bolt was spinning in the subframe from the first day I bought my Pig. I thought the threads were stripped at first. Once I finally was able to unscrew the bolt from the subframe insert ( a true mystical feat that Carlos Castenada would have been proud of) was when I realized what was really happening. Then I just whipped out a shade tree mechanic's best friend...yes, you guessed it; JB Weld. Mixed up a dab and flowed it nice and smooth into the joint and rim of the insert. Waited 24 hours and bolted it on. ...Like Buttah, Boob-a-la! :) Didn't even need to grind it down to make it just was...Sorry, I just set up my Lava Lamp here at work and I'm already getting flashbacks! :D

Cool now I, too, know what to do when that happens on my bike. Good ol' JB :thumbsup:weld!

Thanks for all the info!


Every Honda I have owned has eventually stripped the subframe bolts!!, CR, XR, XRL, no big deal just drill and tap to the next size and use grade 8 bolts.I always use loctite so it's not a problem of them comeing loose just constant maintanence & cheap hardware. :)

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