Dirt Riding Videos

I'm just beginning to test streaming videos. Here are two. The first was our first trial of the helmetcam a few miles from my house north of Detroit. I was riding with a back injury, but this is still my lack of finese style, no excuses. The second is on semi narrow single track up around Cadillac Michigan, Jeff is the lead and Jerry has the helmetcam. This is a better video. PS These should pull up in windows Media Player which might need a quick update.

View them at 100%

Fooling around




OH MAN......... That single track trail looks SO sweet. Smooth and fast. Good stuff.

Nice videos. The single track looks fun but it is a LOT wider than I am used to. Here are some vids of single track here in arizona plus some rocky wider trails.






here is the rocky stuff





Some of these are rather large so if you are on a dial up I would skip them. A couple of them are mpg files so just right click and save target as, then view them from your computer. I am on a WR450 with an extreme 480 helmet cam hooked to a sony cam corder. I hope you enjoy these. I know I enjoyed making them :)

Your trails and videos are great. We Have about 2500 miles of trails set aside here in Michigan. Thats better than many states so we are somewhat fortunate. About 30% are like the video, another 30% are much narrower and twisting with hills, roots and some rocks. The remaining trails are wider or two track. We just have to work with what nature gave us.

The single track in those videos are pretty tame compared to most of the single track out here. The single track in my video is only "C" level stuff. The "A" level rides are way beyond me still. Most of the single track out here is nasty tight and technical, almost trials type riding.

Guys, these are way kewl! What type of helmet cam are you using and what are the limitations? :)

The rocks and Cactus look like they would be very unpleasant. We get our challenge with higher speeds. On some two track dirt lanes we have hit 84 MPH when drag racing. I hope to ride out west soon. I probably will try Colorado high country because I've skied & snowmobiled it and it is more like what I'm used to. At age 64 I'm not looking for the ultimate challenges, just some speed, turns, hills and good thrills.

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